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  2. Tangs, Angels and Butterflys

    Tangs, Angels and Butterflys

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    A good reason to Quarantine your new arrivals.

    The first time you have to tear your fully established and well balanced reef tank apart in an effort to nab a new arrival that is suffering from a 'sleeper' disease or parasite will the the day you come around to us conservative aquarists. my thoughts on this been 10 years lucky i guess :-)...
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    A good reason to Quarantine your new arrivals.

    i agree andy but imo the biggest issue is to buy good live stock! i dont qt and have not had ich at all! i have added fish that were scratching no spots visible:-/ but i do add startright into the bags as i drip any fish! but the itching stopped with good water and food mabe the startright who...
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    Anyone sell fish????

    ive used a slurp gun and can say first hand its not as easy as your thinking it is! imo its worth buying the fish and enjoy the dive:-) good luck:-)
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    Coco Damsel? 2nd one give a few others
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    protein skimmers

    why settle for good enough at least go with a remora imo:-)
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    How many times have you been aquarium shocked??? (((POLL)))

    i think some people are more sensitive to electricity than others! before i bought a ground i was always feeling a burning feeling when i first put my hand in the tank not a huge shock just a burn! would have my girlfriend and friends put their hands in the same place and they wouldnt feel...
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    quick! what is this!?

    wont get sick :-)
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    can I run my skimmer on a timer?

    yea imo that skimmers alot for that size tank ! and you will be fine having it run during the night !
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    can I run my skimmer on a timer?

    ya could but figuring a way to cut the bubbles down would be a better option imo :-) what kind of skimmer ?
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    Lets talk Cucumbers!

    some cukes are ok and others are not ! what were you looking at ? fyi horseshoe crabs are really a no no in typical tanks a 46 is way to small! you really need a huge tank for them to live long term!
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    green chromis acting like a cleaner wrasse?

    thats odd :-) i wouldnt move him unless ya know somethings up
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    Encrusted Pods?

    yea barnacles and unless you overfeed you tank they will not live long ! they are very hungry little animals :-)
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    Additives mixed with kalkwasser? use this test kit ! but only add 2 drops of loguls every week into about 150 gallons of water :-)
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    Additives mixed with kalkwasser?

    your 10 % weekly water changes is enough :-)
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    Metal Halide and HQI

    well they should never be ran till they burn out ! should be changed out yearly imo
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    the scwd

    ok so if you buy a duel tube overflow then its rated for about 1000 gpr :-) and the scwd can handle 1500 i think id have to look it up to be sure but its something around there! so your pump choices should be made around the 900 gph range! and yes 2 maxi-jets would be good
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    the scwd

    first question is what kind of overflow do you have? is it drilled or hang-on back?
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    Additives mixed with kalkwasser?

    ahhhh no never mix anything with kalk! or even any chems imo ! whats the intention for the use of coral-vite? imo its not needed! only chems i ad is kalk and iodine :-)
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    Metal Halide and HQI

    and smaller :-)
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