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    Quarentine Tank Setup / Hyposalinity

    ammonia im using RO water
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    Quarentine Tank Setup / Hyposalinity

    All, i have a bad outbreak of ich and i am told that the absolute best treatment and very effective is hyposalinity. I set up my QT tank have bare bottem, filter, air pump, heater and Ammonia Alert. The purpose of this tank is to never have it cycle which im told is possible if i just keep on...
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    Ich help

    All i have a bad break out of ich. My hippo also has pop eye. I did ay60% water change and the ick still hung in their and multiplied. Hippo is covered with dozens of white spots. My lfs told me to buy Rally medication, comes in a large bottle and is im told supposed to be really good at ridding...
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    Whats wrong with Clownfish?

    Clwons Yeah both clowns are the same size. levels are fine except low ph at 7.8, low salinity at 1.20 and high nitrates at 80. I did a 60% water change as i had ich as well and now that the nitrates are lower, ph is balanced and salinity is closer to 1.23, the clown seemed to have stopped the...
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    Wanted: SMALL bulkhead

    I got a 1 and 1/4 inch bulkhead from home depot it converts to 1" piping. It cost me 50 cents and usully is for a washer drip pan.
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    Whats wrong with Clownfish?

    All i have a clownfish, standard orange and white thats been around for a year now. I rescently added a black false perculous clown and they have fought for a few days now. The thing is , is that the orange clown has always been fine. Now today after changing my water column from high nitrates...
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    sick tang!

    Local fish store jut said possibly popeye? I his fatal ?
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    sick tang!

    Swollen eye u can see why ring where eye is exposed partially other eye ia sunk in and looks more normal. None are cloudy though
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    sick tang!

    All my hippo tang has been stressed and has shown small dots of white all over his body the size of a grain of salt . I've been watching and havnt done anything because it seemed to go away. I just started seeing my skunk cleaner all over the tang(hippo). The spots and skin discoloration seemed...
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    skunk cleaner shrimp

    I just got a skunk cleaner shrimp a few days ago and he is now cleaning my fish like I wante him to. I've had a hippo tang that's been having skin issues and the shrimp doesn't leave him alone. The tang keeps going back but I'm curiouse as to whether or not it's bad to have the shrimp clean the...
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    What could this be on my live rock?

    Well some of the purple is coraline algae which isn't bad. Also it looks like u have red slime algae which is caused by an abundnace of nutrients in the tank but looking at ur tank is say u don't have that so it may e the start of diatom blooms if ur tank is leas than 6 months old. It will soon...
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    kenya tree care

    I ll get th numbers I think my lfs employee didn't know what he was doing. As far as my knowlege you should never have 0 nitrates. It would be nice but it's hard and means your bio filter is workin which ia good. According to the sheet they tested 400 calc, 0 phos, 0 amm, 0 nitrate , 0 nitrite...
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    kenya tree care

    All I am a little stunned at the fact that my knyas are dying. It's strange all parameters are normal, iodine, I add trace elements in my water changes , calcium ,lighting has always been fine. I can't seem to get them back to health. I've also noticed the other coral isn't as helathy as it used...
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    hippo tang

    Al I just purchased what u can say is a large hippo tang. My params are great however the tang has been picked in mlby my yellow tang. They seem to be getting a long better and the hippo has seemed to hve foun a rock he thinks e hides under but u can still see him lol. I'm concerned ia this...
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    sump pump

    All for a year I have had hob filters and now am converting to sump . I've read that for the appropriate head you multiply your tank volume by 5. However i have a 110 gallon and using the aboveentioned theory a 810 gph pump I had been looking was suitable. I saw fine print that this is however...
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    Red Slime Algae

    All, my tank has been established for a year and a half now i got rid of the red slime algae long ago but it seems to for some reason have reappeared. My params are normal and okay but phosphates are .4. I also use RO water and havnt changed the filters in a while but im not thinking this is the...
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    red slime algea help

    Were you dropped on your head as a child? Sure it will kill the cyano, AND MY CORAL! You should be banned from this site for giving information like that, the noobs might believe you!
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    red slime algea help

    No I thought that corals needed the 12 hours then 12 hour break in order to support photosynthesis. This has always worked for me. I know that of the bulbs are. Going bad they drip into the violet light range that algea love to grow in but my lfs said at 6 months old the bulbs should be fine.
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    red slime algea help

    All I have a well establihed 2 year old tank. I am again barreling red slime algea , a battle I have bot fought. In a year. I am struggling this time to identify the cause. My t5 bulbs are only 6 months old with 12 hours daily, I have plenty of flow with power heads and just replaced my filter...
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    Raising PH and Calcium

    Hi everyone, I noticed many of my corals not doing so hot, after checking my parameters I have noticed the my ph is 7.8 and calcium is 340. I took RO water and mixed ph buffer (roughly 5 grams) as the directions stated and added calcium per the directions. I mixed the water and let it sit for An...
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    Heating during Winter / Cold Months

    All, I have a 55G setup with a 200W or 250W heater i cant remember. either way this should be enough and has always been enough to keep my temperature reliably at 78 or 80 when its warmer. I have noticed that when the temperature dips to 50 degrees or around that temp inside the house, that...
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    I am new to keeping Cabbage coral

    All, I am new to keeping Cabbage coral and i have not found a lot of info on the net. My coral has been fine previously. I couple heads have rescently started turning purple when everything was a rusty orange / brown color. The water quality has been fine. Anyone ever seen this, is this...
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    Curing dead live rock

    Thanks for the great advice Krypt! :)
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    All, I had the LFS test my iodine levels today. Every other parameter is normal but the Iodine level is about .09. I was told it should be .06 and that anything over .08 can damage coral tissue. Is this true? Also how can i get rid of the high iodine levels. Is there another way other than a...
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    Sick Striped Fang Blenny

    All my blenny has been doing great. I am not sure why he has suddenly been acting strange. Every time i notice a fishes behavior change, before they die 2 days later they swim crooked, almost staggering and twisting sideways when they try to swim. This is what my blenny is doing. My nitrates...
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