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  1. Retired_AF

    New Tank Setup - Noisy overflow

    Well, if it sounds crazy but works, it isn't crazy. I just placed a rag over the overflow and the noise is almost completely gone. THANKS!!!!! :dance:
  2. Retired_AF

    New Tank Setup - Noisy overflow

    No one has some cool fix for this?
  3. Retired_AF

    Emerald crab coming soon - anything I need to know?

    As SniperHank said, they are opportunists and they will eat whatever they can get. I had one get my pygmy angel while it was asleep.
  4. Retired_AF

    New Tank Setup - Noisy overflow

    The previous owner glued everything together, making it impossible unless I change out the bulkhead adapter which is unreachable without taking the tank down again.
  5. Retired_AF

    it's small, it's white, it moves

    I had asterinas get into my tank and now can't get rid of them. When there were only a few it was fine. They multiply rapidly and, last time I cleaned my tank I threw out nearly 100 of the darn things.
  6. Retired_AF

    New Tank Setup - Noisy overflow

    I just replaced my old 90-gallon legacy tank with a modern standard 90. It is up and running but I am having an issue with the noise from the overflow. My old tank used a durso standpipe and was almost silent. This tank has a slotted pipe with a foam cover over it and a float that sits inside...
  7. Retired_AF

    DIY sump filter questions

    Not sure how to calculate the filration numbers, but to answer your question about the stocking, you should use the volume of the tank you are puttting the fish in. The recommended tank size has a lot to do with the physical dimensions of the tank as well as the volume of water. For example...
  8. Retired_AF

    Malawi Mountain!

    Sweet! That would look good in any type tank.
  9. Retired_AF

    Covering the stand

    I used a heavy black cloth when I had mine. I attached sticky-back velcro to the top edge and added a few sheet metal screws to help hold it in place, then I had my wife sew the other part of the velcro to the top edges of the pieces of cloth. Then it was a matter of simply attaching the cloth...
  10. Retired_AF

    Drilling a tank

    That looks so easy. How long did it take to drill the holes?
  11. Retired_AF

    Need help with a glue

    An aquarium-safe epoxy would work. If you are talking about live rock you can use nylon zip ties to hold them together. (Less chance of putting something dangerous into the tank.) Just install them where they can't be seen.
  12. Retired_AF

    Durso standpipe problem

    I think I found the problem. I have a flex line going from the tank to the pipe going into the sump. There was a pretty large S-bend in the line that I had repositioned while doing some cleaning. I moved it to make it almost level until it dropped into the sump and a huge air bubble gurgled into...
  13. Retired_AF

    Durso standpipe problem

    Off and on, about 2 months. Sometimes it almost goes away to the point of not being irritating but then at other times it is noticeable across the room.
  14. Retired_AF

    Durso standpipe problem

    I have had my durso in the tank for over 2 years. Never had any issues with it. Now, the past few weeks, it is making some strange noises. Not like the flushing or gurgling you would expect, but a sound like someone tapping a kettle drum with the reverbrations and everything. It is really LOUD...
  15. Retired_AF

    DIY Sump and Flow questions

    I just had a 'duh' moment. The motor for the skimmer is capable of being submerged. Would it be feasable to hang it on one of the dividers inside the sump tank? You might have to add or change one of the baffles, but that could work unless you plan a cover over over the sump.
  16. Retired_AF

    Attempt at nitrate reducing pothos filter

    Interesting, to say the least. My question would be, "Where are the nitrates coming from?" Has this tank been cycled?
  17. Retired_AF

    Painted backdrop

    I used an acrylic craft paint from Hobby Lobby made for painting glass with 4-inch roller. I made 2 really heavy coats on my 90-legacy tank and used 3 bottles. The glass will hold the paint but if you need to remove it you can use a razor blade. I did that to clear a part of the glass where my...
  18. Retired_AF

    DIY Sump and Flow questions

    You can always hang it on the back of the tank. It looks like you are trying to keep your tank cleaner though. If you can hang it in the sump and make it work I think I would prefer that, but you may not be able to. Keep an open mind and good luck. The build looks really good.
  19. Retired_AF

    Starting a culture

    Kuhlis are scavengers and will eat almost anything that sits on the bottom. They are also nocturnal so you may have a hard time seeing them at first. Make sure they have plenty of hiding spaces and, if you have a fine substrate, be aware that they will burrow into it and you may not see one or...
  20. Retired_AF

    Mason Jars in aquarium

    With an enclosed jar, even with holes on both ends, you will probably not have enough flow through them unless you use a small pump and force the current through.
  21. Retired_AF

    DIY Sump and Flow questions

    Just my 2 cents but..... I have a similar HOB skimmer as you have. I noticed that the foam for the return is pretty high above the divider. This should really be under water. You may or may not be able to use it. I'm not sure if you can extend it or not and still have it work properly. Do you...
  22. Retired_AF

    Not sure what this is...

    or how to treat it. It wasn't there last week and a few days ago it was less than half the size it is now.
  23. Retired_AF

    What the... ?????

    From what I can see you may be right. Thanks! Now I gotta figure out where they came from.
  24. Retired_AF

    What the... ?????

    Looked again this morning with a flashlight, same size as before. Doesn't seem to move nor does it recede in darkness. Strange, but when you see it the things look nice.
  25. Retired_AF

    Identify Blenny

    It blends in well so hard to tell but it looks like a Scooter.
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