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    Members SW Tanks

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    My SEAclone in action? Good or bad...

    the best mod you can make to a seaclone is to cut a seal wich prevents the air from escaping between the inner tube of the skimmer and the outer tube of the skimmer and also seals up the collection cup to the skimmer. Try searching the net for a better description.
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    I want to upgrade my lighting The light layout is on the bottom of the page Pictures are here No shimmering with t5's unless you are using a disco ball :lol:
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    Filter sock in washing machine?

    I use some bleach in the washmachine and the I let them air out for a week or so.
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    I want to upgrade my lighting

    Did you look at the T5's? They are as good as metal halides if they have the individual reflectors. Check out this tank, that guy is using only T5's.
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    do you think this will work?

    think about getting two (different) protein skimmers. Like a Aqua C or and a Needlewheel skimmer to get all kind of different stuff out. The more LR and filtration you have the more fish you'll be able to keep.
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    PC and T5 set up

    Well i don't know the outycome of it yet. I ordered the 12k T5 bulbs and i will leave the pc's set up as they are now. I hope it wont be too yellow.
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    PC and T5 set up

    I have a 4x55W and would like to add a 48" T5 bulb on each side. Here are my options: Have all 10k pc bulbs and actinics 03 for T5 Have two 10K pc bulbs, two actninc pc bulbs and 2 12K T5 bulbs. Basicly what do you think, what color should my T5's be???
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    Is to much Calcium a Bad Thing?

    holy cow, if my chemistry teache would have explaned me everything with the dating methot, I would have had better grades:) It's all about hooking up with something or going through a nasty divorce in Chemistry.
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    Is this skimmer any good?

    turboflotor in sum model with pump $180. The Superskimmer might be in the same range but can be used as HOB.
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    Is this skimmer any good?

    just from my experiance, if you have anything int the 50G and bigger range go with a well known skimmer such as ASM Euro Reef and my personal favorit the turboflotor. I have to admit that I don't know anything about that skimmer. So it might work since they clame it will work on a 80G tank and...
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    Having problems with my sand...

    wash the sand in about 1/2 lbs portions. (add sand, add water, wash it a couple of times and but it in a clean sand bucket untill you have all you 5lbs cleaned)
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    Is this skimmer any good?

    how big is your tank?
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    Fuge Algea???

    Would it be beneficial to add different types of algea to my refugium? I currently have the dark green stuff, but I have also seen red and light green algea.
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    Experienced Aragrocrete rock needed

    You can use the epoxy from HD, it's a stick wich you have to cut and then mix it between your fingers. I think it's caled marine epoxy comes in a tube and shows some kind of pool repair on the picture on the outside. I love that stuff!
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    My 180 Setup Diagram (pic's) - Input Please

    i would put the skimmer in some kind of containment, just in case. How will you set up start back up after a power outage? Make sure that you don't loose the syphon. I also second the bigger baffle in from the sump to the return aeria. Everything else is looking really good.
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    I hate coral banded shrimp...

    put a shock collar on him and zap him whenever he is stealing :wink: :wink:
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    Aiptasia help

    six line wrasse and peppermint took good care of my outbreak. But i have to warn you about the six line, he got crazy after about six month and terrorized and killed two of my fish, wich i added after him.
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    Fighting Cyano

    i just won my battle by adding a fuge, more frequent water changes and of course chemi clean to give me a head start.
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    loud tank help!

    search the net for a durso pipe
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    Skimmer Choices?

    i heard a lot good things about the superskimmer with the needel wheel. The seaclones are loud!
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    phony rock

    @juskeepswiming the guy at is cool, he is located in the San Diego aeria. He will build me some custom stuff to cover my overflow.
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