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    About to move to new town, need advice please

    Thanks, that was very helpful. I have oxygen bottles at home for myself when needed so that makes thiings easier lol.
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    About to move to new town, need advice please

    G'day all. I'm about to move to a new town which is about 6 hours away and my tanks are coming with me. Have got a furniture removalist handling the tanks but I'm worried about the fish and water. I don't have anything super delicate like discus which makes it eassier. I figured i would bag...
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    Veija & Nicaraguan Cichlid breeding?

    I have a South American cichlid tank, two of the fish, a Vieja Syn and Nicaraguan Cichlid have started hanging out with each other constantly and made a large cave under a rock. Is there any chance they will crossbreed or are they just being mates? If they do breed will it be wrong or will it...
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    Firetail gudgeon breeding

    Hi, I have 3 Firetail Gudgeons in my large community tank, one is considerably bigger so I am guessing it might be the male. I am thinking of moving all 3 to my 76cm (82 litre) tank that I have been breeding Pacific Blue Eyes in. Question is, will the Firetail likely breed and will they eat the...
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    Algae on plants and drift wood

    Looks like Black Beard Algae, nasty stuff. I have a tank infested with it.
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    Will different types of kuhli loaches school together?

    I have to reasonably sized blacks and one smaller striped and the blacks have nothing to do with the striped. I suppose It's just pick of the draw.
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