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  1. Rutrag

    Are my Flowerhorns OK?

    There is a pretty big range of colors and quality when it comes to flowerhorns. The kok (knot on head) is more predominant in males and grows over time, again depending on the quality.
  2. Rutrag

    Are my German blue rams okay?

    Definitely ich.
  3. Rutrag

    Cichlid vs Bgk

    What kind of cichlid?
  4. Rutrag

    Rams and Apistogramma

    I have a 60 with a blue ram (female, I think) pair of Bolivian rams, a trio of A. MacMasteri, and a male A. Agassizii. They are in with some angels, diamond tetras, black phantom tetras, Von Rio tetras, a snowball pleco, and a blue-eye lemon bristlenose pleco. The Agassizii is the most dominant...
  5. Rutrag

    Mixing Plecos

    I don't know about specifically with that species, but I have a 60 gallon (227 L) roughly 122cm x 33cm X 63cm, with a snowball pleco and two golden blue-eye longfin bristlenose. The two species pretty much ignore each other. I have a few otocinclus in there as well. A local aquarist has a 125...
  6. Rutrag

    Talk me out of it....

    I’m thinking you’ll need to invest in an RODI system to give yourself a fighting chance. Do you know the TDS of your tap water?
  7. Rutrag

    Antibacterial Help, Please!

    It’s more likely than not a bacterial bloom. Folks in the reef side of the hobby sometimes dose alcohol (normally vodka) to help grow heterotrophic bacteria to consume nitrates and phosphates (and thereby starve out nuisance algae). An overdose usually looks something like this. Your best bet...
  8. Rutrag

    Alkalinity and ph?

    Unless you were keeping pretty sensitive fish, or trying to breed, it’s probably not worth chasing numbers. Stability is more important by far. Raising alkalinity almost always raises pH. That being said, I think your pH is a little on the low side. What fish do you intend to keep?
  9. Rutrag

    HIGH Ammonia and Nitrate + Baking Soda?! HELP

    I agree for the most part with pyealands. Your #1 issues is ammonia. Also, adding baking soda increases pH which increases the toxicity of ammonia. You need to focus on dropping that through large partial water changes. Don't forget to use a chlorine remover (Prime OR Stress Coat (not both...
  10. Rutrag

    Fish Vendors / Deliveries

    I've used AquaHuna a couple of times. They're based in the Pacific Northwest. Their selection is limited, but their pricing and shipping is very reasonable. They did bump up their shipping around Christmas, but I think they've come back down now.
  11. Rutrag

    Fluval Flex 9

    This is on my office desk. It’s simple with just live plants, guppies and shrimp. I enjoy looking at them throughout the work day. I’ve been keeping fish since I was 12. I’m now 49 and it seems I’ve come almost full circle in that I’m enjoying the “basic” community fish more and more as I get...
  12. Rutrag

    60 Gallon Planted

    And a couple more. . . I wasn't able to capture pics of my von rio tetras, kuhli loaches, longfin blue-eyed bushynose plecos, or my snowball pleco.
  13. Rutrag

    60 Gallon Planted

    Some more inhabitants. . .
  14. Rutrag

    60 Gallon Planted

    This has been set up for a couple months now. The tank started its life with me as a reef that I couldn’t ever seem to keep stocked.
  15. Rutrag

    Need Help with Glofish Tetra Dying

    The first thing I would do is a partial water change, then check ammonia and nitrite. You shouldn't need to chase numbers for kH and GH with glofish tetras. They're all captive raised and should be able to adapt easily to most water sources. Stability as opposed to an absolute value is what...
  16. Rutrag

    Help! My Corydoras isn’t doing well.

    Two questions: 1) Is the one gallon aquarium they are in cycled? (Meaning, is there an established colony of nitrifying bacteria on the surfaces?) 2) Did you medicate the fish with all of that medicine at once? I am concerned that you might have fish in an uncycled aquarium that are being...
  17. Rutrag

    Glow light tetras one ate the other ones back fin

    That seems a bit unusual for glolights to be that aggressive to each other. How many are you keeping and in what size tank?
  18. Rutrag

    Angel fish

    In theory you could mix the species, but I would not. The tank is on the small side for altums which get VERY large from what I have read (12" tall or larger). You also run the potential for hybridization, which should be avoided IMO. Altums and leopoldis are relatively rare in the hobby...
  19. Rutrag


    Kribs might be a bit too aggressive IMO for the rams. Many species of tetras or rasboras would work well with them.
  20. Rutrag

    Fish getting through the weir and into the overflow

    I have a 60 gallon "reef-ready" tank I recently set up as a planted tank and added several corys and kuhli loaches to this past weekend. The problem I'm having is that they apparently LOVE to get into the overflow for some reason.:facepalm: The overflow compartment is too tall and skinny to...
  21. Rutrag

    Anyone know what this is?

    I think you're just seeing the spines on the gill covers. They normally blend in more than that, but all angelfish have them and I assume they are used to defend themselves and their territory. This is one of the characteristics that differentiates angelfish from butterflyfish. (A long time...
  22. Rutrag

    Help with ID???

    It definitely looks like a chalice to me. I think the alien eye variety or possibly a stunner.
  23. Rutrag

    Cheap/DIY substrate for planted aquarium?

    I'm not an expert myself, but I plan to start a FW planted tank soon, too. I've seen some videos of guys using organic potting soil as a substrate, topped with sand or gravel, which I think I'm going to try. They do say that because of the organic content, you'll start with an ammonia spike...
  24. Rutrag

    Mystery cichlid doesn't want to eat

    Maybe a Texas/Rio Grande cichlids?
  25. Rutrag

    what type of Cichlids are these?

    The top pic looks like a green severum. I’m not sure on the catfish, but it looks like it could be a Synodontis species. Got any other pics?
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