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  10. Menagerie

    Marmalade cats

    Thanks hdultra. I have looked online and was hoping someone from AA had experience.
  11. Menagerie

    fish shopping for the first time in 6 years

    Thanks! We have had Celebes Rainbows and apistos while in Calgary, where the fish shops were amazing! Rasboras might be something--since we haven't kept them before. Shopping in two hours! I will let you know what I find.
  12. Menagerie


    The only way to know for sure is to look. Since you cannot see into the cave, let them be. This is probably their first time and there will be mistakes. The kribs could eat the eggs, the eggs may not be fertilized, there could be no eggs (just practice). Their behavior says they are mating--it's...
  13. Menagerie

    Marmalade cats

    Just wondering if anyone has had a species tank with Labeotropheus fuelleborni "marmalade cat." It's been over 5 years since the heyday of my Mbuna tank. Most of the occupants has passed away, leaving Daktari, Marmalade cat, and a multipunctatus. Actually, since researching my next move, I'm...
  14. Menagerie

    African cichilds

    Generally Mbuna and Hap/Peacock mix is not recommended. Time will tell how well stocked the tank is. Once sexual maturity hits--you'll know it and you will see who is dominant, and who wants to be dominant ;)
  15. Menagerie

    Need help with evil cichlid

    I will second and third the advice for the largest tank you can get! You will need rock work and lots of it--it helps to put down egg crate, then rock work, then gravel, then fill the tank. This way, as the Mbuna rearrange everything, the likelihood of rock work shifting is decreased...
  16. Menagerie

    Portland peeps?

    We've lived in Vancouver for 5 years and we are finally going to The Wet Spot. Just wondering what anyone local had to say about it. Any place better? Any places to stay away from?
  17. Menagerie

    new to community and need some help

    mudracker asked some great questions. It would also be helpful to know if all these fish were bought at the same time as juveniles. If that is the case, sexual maturity has set in and you are seeing their true behavior. This will not help right this second, but for the future, you need a...
  18. Menagerie

    fish shopping for the first time in 6 years

    My tanks are pretty pathetic. Old age is taking its toll on my fishy friends. The Mbuna tank is down to 3 inhabitants--Daktari, Marmalade cat, and multipunctatus. I would like to see the tank go species with Marmalades, but we will see. The short, wide 50 has 3 yo-yos and a few Kuhlis left...
  19. Menagerie

    How did you rockscape your tanks ?

    Pages 2, 4 and 5 in my images have full tank shots. Only one tank has sand--the others gravel.
  20. Menagerie

    How did you rockscape your tanks ?

    I can't say that my tanks have great rockscapes, but you can see them by looking through my images.
  21. Menagerie

    Aqua Rank reset. Vote

  22. Menagerie

    Hello to all.

    WELCOME TO AA :n00b:
  23. Menagerie

    I'm Obsessed

    WELCOME TO AA :n00b:
  24. Menagerie

    Hello Everyone

    WELCOME TO AA :n00b:
  25. Menagerie

    Hello from NJ

    WELCOME TO AA :n00b:
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