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  1. DragonFish71

    Battle rams!

    Yep, corys are great at thinning numbers.
  2. DragonFish71

    What are your thoughts on SNAILS?

    MTS are harder for loaches than pond snails or your other thinner shelled varieties. My poor loaches have a heck of a time with MTS snacks until they figured out they can suck them up like escargot. It's fun watching my school of clowns with a handfull of MTS. But as for snails in general, I...
  3. DragonFish71

    will yo yo loachs eat pleco fry

    Yes, they are big enough to eat the fry. My rummynose tetras are big enough to eat the bristlenose fry, as are my white clouds. Bristlenose fry are pretty small when hatched, even though the male tries to guard them and keep them in the cave until they are large enough to survive, they still...
  4. DragonFish71

    Battle rams!

    Ha, my "professional" interpretation is that you're seeing some spawning behavior. Be ready for some eggs soon but don't be surprised if they eat them. GBRs aren't always the best first time parents. Or even second, third, fourth time for that matter. I still have to steal the eggs from mine.
  5. DragonFish71

    Battle rams!

    They will lay them wherever they feel they will be safe. One of my pairs uses a cave, another paid uses piece of slate, yet another only lays on plant leaves and the last pair isn't picky.
  6. DragonFish71

    Heating a pond in Colorado winter

    We use stock tank heaters, but I don't believe they get warm enough for your redtail. Unless you use quite a few, maybe. Our koi, rosy reds, and Goldies do fine.
  7. DragonFish71

    Sudden pH drop

    My tanks that this happened to get the same water change as yours do, 50%-80% weekly due to the heavy stocking. "Old tank syndrome" isn't about poorly maintained tanks if you read more than one or two articles, I found quite a few that discussed tanks like mine, set up for years, regular good...
  8. DragonFish71

    Sudden pH drop

    I had this problem in my older tanks. I added crushed coral and haven't had a crash since. I just rinse it and put it in a clean media bag or panty hose leg then put it in the filter. Google "old tank syndrome". Your tank can no longer buffer pH.
  9. DragonFish71

    Top 5 Cichlids

    1) Managuense (jaguar) cichlid 2) Jack Dempsey 3) Firemouths 4) Rams (German and Bolivian) 5) Kribs
  10. DragonFish71

    cories and carpet plants?

    I've never had problems once the carpet plants became well rooted.
  11. DragonFish71

    10gal ideas

    I'd personally go with something nano-ish. Your standard Danios like those need some room to swim. Scarlet badis, peacock gudgeons, elassoma species (pygmy sunfish, native fish) like gilberti, or Evergladei, celestial pearl Danios, various other nanos.
  12. DragonFish71

    How Many Tanks Do You Have?

    17, all fresh but one and that one is brackish
  13. DragonFish71

    Can you grow plants with Marineland LEDs?

    I don't know the ZooMed light, I do know we have to keep lots of light on the hyacinths and for a long period each day. We do 12 hours with the 4 foot shop bulbs. The fish stay in the pond year round. We have stock tank heaters and ice melters when we need to use them.
  14. DragonFish71

    Welome the Newest Site Team Members

    Welcome! Remember to bring the bacon and keep the coffee fresh for the others (I don't drink the foul stuff)
  15. DragonFish71

    Can you grow plants with Marineland LEDs?

    We winter ours inside each year, but you are correct, the LEDs aren't enough. We use 2 shop light strips of daylight bulbs (4 bulbs total) over the tub we put ours in. We also use Seachem Flourish (not Excel because it melts them) weekly. They need very high light and lots of ferts, so whatever...
  16. DragonFish71

    Does chlorinated water kill bacteria instantly??

    I fill my tanks from the sink with a python, adding Prime once the water starts to flow. I have yet to kill my bacteria.
  17. DragonFish71

    Looking for some knowledge on German Blue Rams

    They are very easy to care for if you keep the water conditions perfect. I feed mine a homemade frozen food but they will eat anything. To breed them, water changes with cooler water will trigger spawning along with feeding them brine shrimp or bloodworms. The other pair might become a couple or...
  18. DragonFish71

    BEWARE before you BUY

    That's an oto.
  19. DragonFish71

    BEWARE before you BUY

    As for ordering on line and shipping, aquabid has some very good sellers with very reasonable pricing. You can find free shipping deals all the time. If you take the time to read the reviews about the sellers you'll know who to buy from. You also can either buy or bid like eBay. I get most of my...
  20. DragonFish71

    BEWARE before you BUY

    Otis are much smaller and flatter. The differences with SAEs vs Flying Foxs are easy. The black stripe runs all the way through the tail and has a zigzag pattern for the SAEs. The FFs have a straight black line, no pattern, and the line ends at the tail fin.
  21. DragonFish71

    Peacock Gudgeon, fungus or Parasite???

    Ok, no rain. That doesn't mean there isn't something else making the slime coat slough off. From the picture it does look like the eyes are cloudy. Are you using test strips to test you water and when you test are you testing before or after the water change? I'm racking my brain here...
  22. DragonFish71

    Peacock Gudgeon, fungus or Parasite???

    It looks like the slime coat is sloughing off. That can be caused by many things. Have you had a lot of rain where you live? The water treatment plant could have used more chemicals which means we as tank owners need to compensate with extra water conditioners. I have had this type of thing...
  23. DragonFish71

    Help!! What are these!?

    Kinda look like pond snails to me.
  24. DragonFish71

    His bad advice

    <--- Is a fish snob and proud of it. Luckily I take my phone with me whenever I go fish shopping in case I find something I haven't seen before. A quick Google search tells me if any of the systems I have up and running will be a good match for the new find. If not, I walk away. Plus my LFS...
  25. DragonFish71

    How many tanks is to much?

    I have 17 tanks up and running and a few more in storage. The only thing stopping me from another large one is that the hubby refuses to move the couch out of the basement.
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