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    White filter feeder things?

    perhaps they are sea squirts? Found some very similar pictures earlier today..might have to move the rock up a bit to get a better pic
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    How did people keep reef tanks in the olden days?

    Ohhhhhh I so cannot wait for that day ;) Better have yourself a hefty ups on hand in case of power outtage
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    UV Sterilier

    Have one one each of my tanks that I want to keep looking good and disease free. The theory behind them is sound if properly implemented.
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    Acropora regrowth?

    back when I first purchased my initial live rock, I managed to get what I later identified as a skeleton of some sort of acropora coral. (I assume, it's the right shape, just no open polypesque tissue) Well, after a year I've noticed that the area between the 'branches' has grown considerably...
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    What am I doing wrong?

    Um yep.. $$$ for running me, I have several. It's expensive to build, build some more, build some more (if you fail the first time heh) and maintain. And remember, those bulbs don't last that long relative to the growth you see, you'll need to replace them at the 6mo mark...
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    White filter feeder things?

    heh I even have 2 freshwater tanks now.. I must be going slightly insane... to think, been just about a year since I started this hobby.. I should take all you alums out for pizza and beer one day just to say thanks for getting me prepared, started & on the right much knowledge from so...
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    2 questions, featherdusters and algae

    Wait till ya have about a thousand of them :D I 'prune' mine monthly...taking the worm-things that they are over to the fish only tank.. The puffer eats like a king that day...
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    Ideas for Coral Beauty that wont eat?

    They live off the algae on the rocks no prob.. had a potter's angel that didn't eat offered foods for quite a while... he was just doing what they do naturally and eating algae.. In the future, one could also take algae sheet and tie it to a chunk of live rock with fishing line to somewhat...
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    Help me pick me next fish.

    gobies, cardinals, chromies, perchance a dfft style tang (kole is an excellent recommendation, gorgeous fish and fairly well tempered). Maybe some (1 or 2) jawfish? (I like them poking out from underneath the cool to watch em building their dens) I've successfully added a couple...
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    Wife = Hassle for blue tang, Me = Worried about whitespot

    I do know anthias require a fiar amount of room as well... especially since they 'should be kept in schools' (depends on who you confer with I suppose), and types can be very territorial according to books. Dwarf angels don't mix in a 'small' tank, they need lots of room and even then might...
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    Moving Pulsing xenia

    question is how does one move a xenia? I managed to 'get lucky' in getting some pom-pom on a piece of live rock. The stuff has quadrupled in size in a matter of two months... I'd like to keep some of it and prop other places in the tank, but how do I get it off the rock? Butter knife? Pull...
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    Do I need RO/DI

    I'd recommend it, if it is viable economically.. Not only does it remove the potential problems of tap water or the need for a product like prime (which can equal the price of a ro/di unit yearly if bought from lfs perhaps). But, it makes for good water to boil pasta in and to drink too :)
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    Wife = Hassle for blue tang, Me = Worried about whitespot

    Been my experience with tangs (and I have & have had a few now) that not only is a proper acclimation necessary (highly advise a drip acclimation no matter the tang) but immediatly provide a fresh algae if possible, or else zoe soaked strips. Tangs are sensitive to everything from the wrong...
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    White filter feeder things?

    heh thanks, been on somewhat of a forum hiatus since switching jobs... the corporate overlords don't mind paying a goodfee, but frown upon any personal activity at work :/ I figured (or was hoping rather) it was some sort of sponge.. There are a few smaller attachments under the rock of the...
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    White filter feeder things?

    New item has popped up (er...prolly over a good time period heh). After cleaning some coraline off, I noticed a large patch of these things, with several more underneath the rock 'overhang' it's attached to. It's a fairly low flow area regardless of how I adjust the flow of the tank due to the...
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    Some articles...

    While I agree it's troubling, I'm willing to bet the reefs and the fish and the `brates will be around far far far longer then us hoomans will. Not that I condone the poor treatment of the planet... but life finds a way (and undoubtedly has lived through many tragedies well before we walked...
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    ordering livestock online

    liveaquaria and saltwaterfish both have a arrive alive and 2 week guarantee (which beats the holy heck outta lfs's!). Both also have a good selection and competetive pricing. GARF dot org has a good cleaner package and floridapets dot com has some great pricing on some macro/vascular marine...
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    Staple foods

    mysis, squid, formula 1 - all frozen plus sweetwater zooplank and the occasional dose of DT's plankton with a touch of cyclopeeze All soaked in garlic/Zoe/Selcon etc (reefs n fish only here)
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    Cone shaped thing

    odd that it showed up at the opportune moment I guess...after dinner out, is gone... good call, will keep an eye out.. but honestly, there's enough for a few of em to graze on without too much problem. Thanks for the ident Fluff!!
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    Cone shaped thing

    Well, at first I thought it was a snail... but it hasn't moved.. It just appeared after maybe a week or so on a chunk of rock (maybe it was just smaller before and I didn't notice it..) I saw one of my turbos move over it, and noticed it was squishy..fleshy I suppose (am against touching things...
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    Algae hell

    A UV steralizer won't rid you of algae, it just kills the spores in the water... it's a good add in my oppinion. Not sure that C and alk will lessen the amount of algae... water changes help removes the nutrients it thrives on tho.
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    Algae hell

    Oddly enough, I saw my first patch of hair algae (very short, diameter of a half dollar) this morning. I fed well last night cause I am going off for a few days on a trip. Had my new toothbrush in hand ready to pluck the rock out (a super pourous tonga branch stuck in the sand mainly for...
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    Live food question

    I was specifically talking frozen brine, which is more convenient, but even the enriched version of adult brine is at best 12-15% protein. Your article is correct, the juvenile and adult live cultured shrimp fed a proper diet (gut loading long term) is high in protein, but the frozen stuff is...
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    My New SW Tank! So Happy

    I'm sure that the pods can live anywhere they don't get eaten. I have quite a few in my overflow area and thriving in my bioballs :/
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    UV filter or not?

    I think the 18w is the min you can use to kill parasites. A mag 5 would prolly be pushing way too much flow. The instructions of the unit comes with the recommended gph for the different uses. As for the mag 5, you could always use a ball valve to restrict the flow, just be sure to put the...
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