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  1. thominil

    Hello from Seattle

    Welcome to AA! Ever consider upgrading to say a 10-20G? Not much harder to maintain, if not easier. It will open up far more options for you as far as stocking. A 29/30G is one of the best "small" tanks as far as im concerned. Anyway, good luck with any future plans and welcome!
  2. thominil

    29g biocube

    Yup, that tang will outgrow that tank, before long you should be hearing from the tang police.... Depending on your lighting those 'nems might have to go as well, Not sure if you have the HQI setup, but it looks more like PC lighting to me. If that is the case, they are not strong enough to...
  3. thominil

    Help with Hammer Coral

    What they are referring to by light, I think, is the change of your bulbs. Bulbs tend to change their spectrum as they age (IIRC), and a new set of bulbs could make a huge difference in a coral's health, although for a short time. When you say medium flow, what do you mean? Is the coral out in...
  4. thominil

    Are these still good?

    One would have to ask where they came from? Store, someones tank, etc... Either way, it would be best to "cure" them in a rubbermaid tub with some source of water circulation, be it a powerhead or a filter. This will simply help break down any dead particles that are on the rock and keep them...
  5. thominil

    New to the Forum

    Welcome to AA! We have a great group of knowledgeable salties on here that can help with any questions you may have.
  6. thominil

    New Member: One Hobby at a Time

    You are fine keeping the fish if you really want to. Some people will argue with me on that, but it is purely IMO. Some people also tend to forget that fishless is not the only way to cycle a tank, so don't ever let them make you think that. Just keep testing the water, and be ready to do a...
  7. thominil

    New Member: One Hobby at a Time

    It would appear that he already has fish in the tank according to his blog, which would mean fishless cycling is out of the question.
  8. thominil

    Nano doubts

    Upkeep is fairly simple as long as you know what you are doing and stay on top of things. The first six months or so are the hardest part with parameter swings after you add new livestock, but after that, things will stabilize, and it isn't much different than having a larger tank. Decent idea...
  9. thominil

    21g Wall Mounted SW tank

    Unfortunately, by the time fish start to show signs of stress such as ich, cottony growths, lack of eating, and fin rot, it is already too late, and you have done your damage. Just a friendly warning, that tang will get too big for your 39g. I suggest you take the tang back, as well as the...
  10. thominil

    21g Wall Mounted SW tank

    When you add three clowns to a small tank such as this, two of them will pair up, and the third will be the odd man out. In a bigger tank, the OP may have been fine, but there will be territorial issues between the pair and the tomato. If you leave them be for a few weeks, you probably won't...
  11. thominil

    21g Wall Mounted SW tank

    You may want to get rid of the tomato clown. Keeping three clowns in a tank that small will not end well. You will have aggression issues, and that tomato will get too big for that tank to begin with.
  12. thominil

    21g Wall Mounted SW tank

    WPG is horridly outdated, do a little research and you will find that out. Factors such as PAR, depth penetration, and reflectors are more important, as well as the type of bulb. Your T5 lighting should allow you to keep softies, LPS, and even some SPS depending on where they are placed in the...
  13. thominil

    new thread misplaced?

    Some threads/posts need to be approved by a mod or an admin. It may take a while sometimes, but we get to it as soon as we can. Sorry for the wait!
  14. thominil

    24 hours into setting up Saltwater, advice please??

    Tough_Cookie, could you please use the default font settings please? Some types of snails can't upright themselves if they fall on the back of their shells, astrea snails do this I believe. The damsel would be too aggressive for anything really once it ages.
  15. thominil

    My cat & I

    Leave your pH where it is at. Adding chemicals to play with parameters can cause more problems both short and long term than they will solve. A stable pH is better than one that is constantly changing due to inconsistent amounts of buffers. You are fine listing what you have in your tank...
  16. thominil


    After the lights go out for a few hours, double check the temperature and see if it has made a considerable drop to help rule out a faulty heater or an overheated pump motor. How many bulbs do you have? Check for an overheated ballast as well as it may be adding the the normal bulb heat. You...
  17. thominil

    20 gal saltwater setup?

    When you go to look at it, check around the tank and look for any bottles of meds that he may have used. If there is copper listed as an ingredient, run for the hills. If there are no meds, ask if they have been used. Anything that involves ich or any parasites means that there has more than...
  18. thominil

    Starting 10g Nano Slowly: Need Advice

    Negligent_Inmate has provided you with good suggestions. The only thing I have to add is that if you get LPS corals, at the very least you should grab the calcium test. I will see if I can find my cards in the morning and compare them if someone hasn't already done so. Keep in mind though...
  19. thominil

    My cat & I

    Yikes, sorry inmate, looking back I think my posts may have beed a tad rude. What test kit are you using? If the tank has been set up that long with damsels in there for the majority of the time, you should be seeing something such as nitrates at the very least. Anyone else think so?
  20. thominil

    My cat & I

    Please explain how that is better, I don't understand. I agree with you that fishless is preferred, but if the OP's LFS can't hold onto the shrimp, fishless is out of the question.
  21. thominil

    Starting 10g Nano Slowly: Need Advice

    I'm pretty sure they are the same solutions because I remember comparing the results between the freshwater and saltwater kits, and when using the saltwater cards they had the same results. The reef kit contains Nitrate, calcium, high range pH, and I think kH.
  22. thominil

    Starting 10g Nano Slowly: Need Advice

    I used API Reef and Saltwater kits on my 20G and didn't have a problem with them. If you have a good experience with API with the freshwater kit, why switch? The solutions for ammonia, nitrate, and nitrite are the same for both, you just need the color cards if I remember correctly. Ammonia...
  23. thominil

    My cat & I

    The fact that the OP's tank is a 65G means that a pair of clowns wouldn't create enough ammonia to do themselves harm, yet there would still be enough to cycle the tank. In this case, why get something that you would need to get rid of down the road due to aggression issues, not to mention the...
  24. thominil

    What is going on?

    Peppermint shrimp are a hit or miss. Some people have success with them and others don't. I think it would be better to try a different method first before you go out and possibly waste your money. Just my opinion.
  25. thominil

    What is going on?

    The stuff in the center-left looks like aiptasia to me. Nasty little buggers. There are several ways of removing them such as injecting them with lemon juice, injecting/smothering them with a pickling lime paste, and injecting them with hot water. Injecting is done via a syringe. You want to...
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