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  1. m.j.gomez

    Cloudy water after cleaning!

    Hello, check water parameters. If there is any ammonia or it hasn't slightly dissipated in a day or 2 it's probably a bacteria bloom. This is a sign of over cleaning tank. Your tank has enough bacteria to handle the bioload your fish produce. No more no less. It grows on everything in tank...
  2. m.j.gomez

    Easiest way to feed vegetables to snails

    Hello, I used to buy frozen, then pop in microwave 30sec. How this helps!!!!!
  3. m.j.gomez

    Epistylis in tank plus Betta melting fins???

    Hello, only delt with once & unfortunately thought it was ich(lost everything). But I do have a link that may help!!!!!
  4. m.j.gomez


    Correct or meal worms depending on sz of fish & sometimes I'll switch up & feed live crickets too. Market shrimp I pop into microwave about 30sec & cut into manageable pieces, chicken breast I boil whole & cut same. Cooking not over cooked is easier for them to digest.
  5. m.j.gomez


    It's best to feed them 2-3x a day when small. They grow rapidly around 1/4in a week. When growth slows you can feed once a day. I feed cooked market shrimp, boiled white meat chicken, super worms, boiled deshelled peas, boiled broccoli & cichlid sticks. No feeder fish. Most are kept in bad...
  6. m.j.gomez


    Hello, show your mom this pic. It's a 125gal(72x18x21)& these Oscars are 14in.+ big. Hope this helps!!!!!
  7. m.j.gomez

    Filtration and Water Change Questions

    Hello, if you have large tanks may I suggest getting a python. They attach to a sink faucet & can create a suction if gravity isn't working for you. I use this in tandem with seachem safe or seachem prime water conditioner. You can use to temp match & fill tank too. It a game changer no buckets...
  8. m.j.gomez

    Blood Parrots eye is hanging out please help

    Hello, that looks to be an injury & shock. It may be from tank mate, a ruff edged decoration or hide. I use aquarium salt for injury's. Since it's a fairly fresh wound I would separate to a bare cycled quarantine tank(most loach salt sensitive).Don't want to reinjure. Dose 1/2 teaspoon...
  9. m.j.gomez

    How to transport a fish to a vet appointment?

    Hello, for trips I use a ice chest lined w/plastic bag. Filled 1/3 tank water dosed with seachem prime water conditioner to detoxify ammonia(2 drops per gal). You can tape top shut optional. You can take a pitcher or large drinking glass to dip & pour fish water & agitate with hand when you...
  10. m.j.gomez

    Help and advice please!

    Hello, I'll let you know now I have 0 experience in keeping discus cichlids. But I thought I would give you a heads-up. Discus cichlids are a high temperature fish(82°-86°f). 82°f is a few degrees over the max temp for most cory's & max temperature for angels. This is one reason I've...
  11. m.j.gomez

    How Often to Deep Clean

    Hello, I don't see sz of aquarium. So just tossing this out there. Have you considered a wave maker. This will add circulation & you can position it so it pushes muck towards filter intake. This will keep area most visible a little more presentable. Just a thought. Hope this helps!!!!!
  12. m.j.gomez

    Betta struggling

    He looks like he has dropsy. His organs are saturated w/fluids. If caught early can be treated w/antibiotic(maracyn 2 mixed in food recommended). Viral or bacterial if prolonged is fatal. Sorry!!!!!
  13. m.j.gomez

    Betta struggling

    Hello, just tossing this out there but he may be getting old. The average lifespan is 2-5yrs(reason I don't keep anymore). You might want to stop using bettafix. Like melafix it has tea tree oil & this is bad for your Bettas labyrinth organ which allows your fish to breathe oxygen. There are...
  14. m.j.gomez

    1st Canister Filter installed

    Hello, canisters are game changers. Not only do you cut down on maintenance(clean mine every 2 months), you can customize any way you want, it adds water volume & flow. Great upgrade! Question: is that a cascade pre filter? If so you might keep an eye on. If a heavy bioload they will clog...
  15. m.j.gomez

    Question about Albino Glowlight Tetra

    Hello, I found theses the other day. I think they're cool but a little pricey!!!!!
  16. m.j.gomez

    Any equivalent to chaeto for fresh water

    Hello, peace lilly can grow in low to brite indirect in direct sun light. Just know that the lower the light the slower the growth. Here's a link that covers how to utilize this plant in aquarium. Hopefully this helps!!!!!
  17. m.j.gomez

    Do I use my suck hose to vacuum the gravel with Cories

    Hello, if you haven't cleaned your gravel in a while I would suggest you break it up. I would do it in thirds. Be sure to test about 12-24hrs afterwards to make sure water parameters acceptable. Substrate holds a substantial amount of good bacteria. If you clean all you will be removing a good...
  18. m.j.gomez

    Is this ich?
  19. m.j.gomez

    Impulse addition

    Hello, I had a mated pair of angels in a 42gal tall. When they laid eggs they had all tank mates backed in to one corner. If any tried to swim out they we're attacked viciously removing scale's. Would have to remove eggs as soon as they spawned. Not saying this will happen(every tank...
  20. m.j.gomez


    All can be fed raw. Biggest problem is most will float & move with water flow of tank. To remedy this you can buy a veggie clip that attaches to tank wall. Run about 4-18$. Some people like to par boil or just boil so veggie will sink to bottom. I like to use a fork to sink. I attached a length...
  21. m.j.gomez


    Hello, not bashing nerite snails. They are great at controlling algae, good looking shells & normally very active. But you can't tell male from female till female starts laying eggs. Here's what makes them a deal breaker for me. She will lay eggs everywhere all over tank that will only hatch...
  22. m.j.gomez

    Stupid pinhole leak!

    Hello, resealing a tank is very easy. Here is a link that shows how. I usually do all my 2nd hand tanks & it will only take a few hrs of your time at minimal expense. Also if you plan on being in hobby for a long period of time good skill set to have. Hopefully this helps!!!!!
  23. m.j.gomez

    Goldfish with swollen butt

    Hello, just tossing this out there. I lost a 4yr old black moor because he swallowed a piece of gravel which lodged in his intestinal track(2nd pic gravel). He had similar symptoms as yours. I tried everything like peas, Epsom salts,fasting & meds. Nothing worked. Found out goldies need a sand...
  24. m.j.gomez

    Life Hacks - Tips and Tricks to Make Fishkeeping Easier

    When testing water w/API test kit I like to place test tube over color code & under light to get reading. The color that disappears or closest to it is my reading. Pic shows 5.0ppm nitrates.
  25. m.j.gomez

    Good way to kill possible snail eggs on tank decor

    Hello, like you I use peroxide. When drys it breaks down into water & oxygen so won't contaminate tank. I like to put in sprayer bottle at full strength. Spray soak & dry outside. I do this about 2+ times till satisfied. Hope this helps you!!!!!
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