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    nooby w/ chillers

    questions on chillers First I need to thank those who have helped me in the past getting my first real tank set up in almost 10 years. Now I need advice on buying a chiller. I have a custom 10g FW and need to bring the temp down from the high 90's. I am looking at the AquaEuro USA Nano...
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    Cool find!

    btw uses R-12 can't get that must be certified to buy, handle and service.
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    Cool find!

    Looks like what I need, but don't know that much about cooling, not sure how one would go about doing that. Cheap but only 200BTUs, everything else I see has atleast 1000btus. Does putting 5 in a row constitute 1000BTUs?
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    weird aquariums

    Beta Blender Don't worry the power cord is cut.
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    Post your full tank shot here.

    my betta blender Not a real tank I know, currently working on a 10g custom(as seen in the background), my first real tank in almost 10 years. But just joined to get some advice and figured I should share, even tho I figure i will be quickly ostracized and banned for fish cruelty, even though...
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    Low profile filter

    I am building my first real tank in almost 10 years (have had a beta for a few years but that doesn't count). What I have is a custom tank that is 9-10 gallons that is approximately 15Lx12Wx12H. I have 3 main concerns here 1 quiet 2 no splashing water 3 small, low profile...
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