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    My betta won’t stop eating VEGETABLES!!!

    So I purchased a super red pleco almost a month ago, and feeding it has been difficult as the pleco is picky,, and I have a greedy gluttonous betta that won’t stop hogging all the vegetables. When I tell u he was feasting on that cucumber and filling his stomach uP. Algae wafers are out of the...
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    Epistylis in tank plus Betta melting fins???

    I'm new to this forum and forgot to respond directly to you before responding, updates and questions are on post #4 of this thread. Thank you again for your insight it's greatly appreciated :)
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    Epistylis in tank plus Betta melting fins???

    Thank you so much for your insight. Knowing that it's epistylis, I lowered the temp of the tank from 80F to 77F, and immediately the next day is when I noticed my betta's fins melting. When I turned it back up after a day and a half, I checked on them this morning and the melting had stopped...
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    Epistylis in tank plus Betta melting fins???

    Strap in, this is going to be a bit of a long one. Last week i introduced this cute lil baby super red pleco to my planted 20 gallon betta tank. A week later (2 days ago) I notice that the new pleco is riddled with white spots all over his body, and some had started to spread onto my Betta's...
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