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    29 gal fuge

    It's been a while since I have posted. But i have been looking into takeing my old 29 tank and making into a fuge, for my 75 gal main tank. I would use my hang on overflow and the return pump i am currently using (wet dry). Would that flow work with a fuge? Secondly how many and how far apart...
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    ok ill look tonight but lando mentioned something about the base should i look for some thing
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    no there not even close to touching the toadstool and sorry no pic's what may you be looking for maybe i can describe it
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    the torch coral is about 6 inchs from the toadstool
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    i have a cabbage leather on the other side of my tank (75 gal) and a torch coral in the middle
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    hi its been a while my tank has been doing great and just in the last couple of days my toadstool leather has been leaning over and turning a darker color, and today when i got home i noticed that it looks like it may be spliting . I have seen my hairy mushrooms split. and it looks very similar...
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    weird clown behavior

    Hey havent posted in a long time my two clownfish have been hosting in my colt coral, and the bigger of the two has what looks like sucking on the tip of a colt coral and want to know if any one knows what this means or if any thing may be wrong with the fish
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    Just wondering

    I was wondering if there are any saltwater newt's or a specie's of newt's that may be able to acclimated to saltwater.I think that would be very interesting in a reef tank. and if it was possible i would like to try to add oone
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    Fin rot ???

    My coral beauty seem's to have fin rot. The last few day's he has been devloping hole's in his tail fin. I don't believe they are bite's form the other fish ( false perc) What could be done to help this fish what would cause this. tia
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    Sun Coral/Polyps - any experience with these animals?

    Yes, very nice coral. It just require's alot of time and attention. for it to do good.
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    Shrinking Shrooms and Xenia

    My xenia's have done that same thing about 2 month's ago. THey have remained that size since. I do not know what may be causeing this. But my mushroom's did that to and, i stuck with them even though I thought they were dying. In about a week i had new shroom's. I think that's how the...
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    Since isnt available, who do you guys recommen

    Yeah live aquaria, is pretty nice rock for an okay price.
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    Red Sea calcium test kit

    I have a bubble coral open brain, sun polyps, torch, hammer. and some others can think about i think i just figured it out the bottle's where marked wrong. the big one was marked A and the little marked B. should be the other way around based on your first post
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    Red Sea calcium test kit

    yeah that is what ive been doing and nothing happens is there any other thing besides the test kit and more along the line's of the tank. that could be wrong here
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    Red Sea calcium test kit

    This calcium test kit, is giving me a real problem. if the directions are right, it should take about 9 drops total. To come up with a reading of 450ppm but i put in about 80 drops with no change. and i don't want to waste the whole bottle to not get a reading does anyone else use this test...
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    Watt's per gallon 1-2 low 3-6 moderate 6-10 high would that be a good assumtion on how the watt's per gallon rule work's. This has been bugging me just thought i'd ask.
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    Updated pics of My 58 Gal. Reef.

    Keep up the good work looks fantastic
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    Live rock

    really a30 pounder thats huge so far im liking what i here
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    Live rock

    I'm thinking about ordering some more liverock, I was wondering if any one has ordered from liveaquaria. And if so was it any good, or should i order from another company.
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    xenia shrinking

    That's just it thought I did a 20 gal change saturday and my test are as good as they ever been. And the xenia is the only thing looking bad. it has me stumped. The only thing is that about 3 weeks or so ago. Some rock's to a spill, and it split the xenia into two big piece's. The piece that...
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    xenia shrinking

    As stated my xenia has been shrinking over the last couple week's. Every thing else has been growing and growing fast. Do xenia go threw stage's. And should it perc back up in a while.
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    Fish Suggestion

    My blue tang is alway's out.
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    false perc's host

    I'll try to get a picture i'll have to have someone do it for me. I'm not that great at computer's
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    false perc's host

    Just thought i'd share my false perc's have paired up,and now are hosting in my sabae anenome. Just saw him laying in tonight. It was exciting. How rare is it that they host in sabae's,
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    Myth or Truth?

    Got me But interesting.
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