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    Trigger questions

    Hey everyone~ I've been thinking lately of starting up another 90g saltwater tank ((will it ever stop?)), and I have a couple of questions about triggerfish. The first is, is it true that the huma huma is one of the nicest of the triggers? What other fish if any, can you keep with one? The more...
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    I feel really guilty

    I think I need to clarify things a bit. I already have 3 saltwater tanks, and I've been keeping saltwater tanks for over 2 yrs. now. It just seems to me that my interest in freshwater is waning. I feel that I am somehow "betraying" my freshwater fish and even myself in some way. When I started...
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    I feel really guilty

    :cry: I've been keeping freshwater fish for a long, long time. Ever since I was a kid. I've kept all kinds too, from native U.S. fish to cichlids, etc... Right now, I have 2 freshie tanks. The one is a beautiful heavily planted tank that could definitely be entered in the AGA contest. But you...
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    what to do about critters hell bent on suicide?

    Aside from what's already been said, you can also put a sponge over the intake. You just have to be sure that you clean (rinse) them at least every week. This is also a plus if you have any anemones in the tank as they can't get sucked into the powerhead with this as a cover. Again, you must...
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    Cuke died

    Thanks and MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!!!!!
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    Cuke died

    I had some time to kill this weekend, and I decided to switch some tanks around. The 20g high SW tank was switched to a 20g regular and I must say the rockwork is much better looking in there! Everything came out okay with the exception of the cucumber. When I did the change, all the parameters...
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    Split from DSB thread (what now do I do now?)

    Your tank is cycled when ammonia and nitrite read 0. Nitrates can vary with the bio-load in the tank, but generally should be at or below 20.
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    seahorse tank

    Ohhhhhhhhh :D very, very nice!!! I love the colors on the horses!!!
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    Split from DSB thread (what now do I do now?)

    To echo what others have said, your clown doesn't need an anemone at all. Aside from what has already been suggested, you can also try a featherduster....yes, that's right a featherduster. One of the large ones. My clown has been hosting in it for a couple of months now, and there seems to be no...
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    Got a free tank...WOOHOO!!!!

    I can't wait to see! Hahahahaha....heart attack from walking too far!! :lol:
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    In the middle of this and got problems

    Your fish will be fine in the cooler for a couple of days if need be. As long as you have the LR in there, heater, powerhead and lights, everything should be fine. Since you are still cycling though, it wouldn't hurt to check the water parameters and do a small water change if necessary. When I...
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    Got a free tank...WOOHOO!!!!

    That is so great! Man, why can't I have friends like that? :x
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    How do you replace a UGF+CC with a DSB (Sorry to keep buging

    Yup, that's the stuff. You'll need enough to make at least 3" of sandbed. I don't envy you on doing this, but it will be nice when it's done! Good luck!!
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    fish load question

    The flame angel would be fine IMO, the powder blue is iffy. As much as I like that fish, I have read that they are rather difficult and I don't know how well it will do with a yellow tang already in residence. BTW, how do you like your harlequin shrimp? I think they are awesome shrimp, but I'm...
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    How do you replace a UGF+CC with a DSB (Sorry to keep buging

    How big of a tank is this and how much live rock do you have in the tank? The reason I ask is that it would be much easier to remove the rocks, inverts and fish to another container while you do this. A large plastic cooler with a lid will work well. All you do is put some tank water in there...
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    Reducing Ph

    I agree with the others, unless you are trying to breed fish that require a low pH, I wouldn't mess with it. Using a pH down can be a problem in that if your water is hard, the pH will come back up. Then you start getting into fluctuations which is much more deadly than just leaving it alone...
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    horrible fish death

    First, thank goodness you're okay!!! You could have been seriously hurt there!!! Secondly, I'm sorry to hear about your's always hard to lose one of these beauties. I hope your other fish get better. The suggestion to do some water changes is a good one!
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    My fishie layed eggs

    Good for you!! :D That's great news! No matter how long you will be in this hobby, it will always be a thrill to have fry......
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    Discus won't eat

    I am so sorry to hear that the fish died Glstine, :cry: ......I always hate to lose a fish....... Thanks for the info Hara! I like the idea of the heater in the filter and that noise it makes sounds not too bad.....since this would be in the living room, it shouldn't be all that bothersome. :)
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    Please help!!!

    Well I can't say what killed your star, but your salinity is rather low to be keeping one. These guys really do much better at 1.025. Also make sure to acclimate slowly to your tank. Otherwise they have a tendency to "fall apart" from the sudden shift of salinity. Sorry about your serpent...
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    Who thinks I should replace my UGF+CC with a DSB

    I would go with a DSB myself. It will save you time and frustration down the road. I've only used a UG filter once and that was on a freshwater tank. I was not impressed with it and hated the crud that would accumulate underneath the plates. Oh, and you cannot use a UG with sand unless you buy...
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    Need help identifying this fish?

    I think it's a false too.....
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    Discus won't eat

    This is a bit off subject so please excuse me..... Hara, how do you like the Tetratec filter? Is it rather noisy? I am considering getting one and would like some feedback. Thanks!! :D Sorry for the off topic.....
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    Unexpected Squabbles

    I have to modify my answer above because when I wrote it, I didn't realise you already have a firemouth and convict cichlids in the 55g. A gourami is too slow to outrun these fish should it have to, so don't put him in there. Either one of those cichlids is quite capable of killing any slow fish.
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    Discus won't eat

    I'm a big Jack Wattley fan, and he advises temps of 82º and that's what I kept mine at years ago. I would bet that the temp fluctuation is causing the problems. It shouldn't be the food you are offering, that's a good selection.
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