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    For Sale: Aqueon 125 Gallon aquarium with glass top and cabinet style combo

    Photo of setup. 2023-08-01 15.44.43.jpg
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    For Sale: Aqueon 125 Gallon aquarium with glass top and cabinet style combo

    Aqueon 125 Gallon aquarium with glass top and cabinet style combo. Modified cabinet by adding additional support on the bottom and using 1/2" plywood to cover the entire back and coated all sides of the plywood with Flex Seal. Additional items included: Fluval FX6 Canister filter, two...
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    What Did You do With Your Tank Today?

    This past Friday I introduced two Red-tailed Sharks, six Black Neon Tetras and three Blue Dwarf Gouramis into my 125G planted, community tank. The community consists of Glofish Tetras, Mollies, Albino Cories, Neon Tetras, Algae Eaters and a couple of fake Julii Cories... Today performed a 60%...
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    Welcome back... Fishless cycling requires a lot of patience. I did my first fishless cycle last year. So hang in there, it will happen.
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    What Did You do With Your Tank Today?

    50% pwc. My water pump that I use to perform pwc died, so I just used the regular drain method... Took a lot longer to drain, filled faster. A Dwarf Gourami got stuck behind the filter intake and died a couple days ago. So now I'm down to only one. I didn't see the Amano shrimp this time, but...
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    Stocking suggestions?

    Nice tank! The stand looks sturdy enough. I have a similar. I added plywood to the open back to help strengthen the stand and provide support for plumbing and electrical cables.
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    Hello all

    Welcome aboard...
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    Cloudy, Green Water

    Continue with daily 50% pwc for a few days, vacuum the substrate and reduce feeding amount. Also, how are you checking your chemistry?
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    NEW 55 gallon!

    How did the leak test go? Also, are you planning on using any substrate?
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    Quarantine tank

    I suppose you could almost any container, but no matter what you use it need to properly cycled, be sufficiently sized and have the proper filtration. A quarantine tank has the same basic requirements as your main tank.
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    Welcome aboard. In order to help you, please provide more info on your aquarium setup. Please include number and type of fish you currently have in your aquarium.
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    Please help..

    Welcome aboard. How long have had the tank? How large is it? Did you cycle the tank prior to putting fish in it? Do have a test kit? What type filter do you have?
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    Upgrading to a 125 Gallon Tank

    Thank you. Actually, I have not considered an all sand substrate. The difference between the substrates have grown on me. I have considered swapping the gravel to a different color scheme, maybe darker.
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    Upgrading to a 125 Gallon Tank

    A little over a year ago, I started this project and learned quite a bit in the process. Today I have thriving aquatic community, still with it's fair share of issues. Once the tank was fully cycled, the biggest issue was keeping nitrates in check. It would regularly run 40-80ppm. Went through...
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    What Did You do With Your Tank Today?

    The Trumpet Snails I ordered finally arrived today. Hopefully they survived the trip. Well at least one did.
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    What Did You do With Your Tank Today?

    Vacuumed substrate in 10G after accidentally dumping Purigen inside... Modified dyi reactor with a piece of tubing placed on internal intake that runs the width of the container and stuffed a piece of sponge into far end. Hopefully this will provide more time between intake screen cleaning...
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    What Did You do With Your Tank Today?

    This morning one of the Albino Cories suddenly died and a Blue Glofish Tetra also died. The later developed pop-eye two days ago... Cleared the intake screen on the 10G reactor. I need a better method to ensure the biomedia stays in place. It is keeping the water specs in spec...
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    What Did You do With Your Tank Today?

    Today I worked on the 10G tank. Performed a 50% pwc and cleaned the screens for dyi reactor. The reactor now has full flow once again. The water is still a little cloudy, but all parameters are in spec. Added more gravel substrate, total depth is approximately 1.5 inches. I still need to get a...
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    What Did You do With Your Tank Today?

    Today I added a mini reactor I created using Seachem Purigen as the filter media to the 10G. It is basically a poc for the larger tank. Since ammonia was down to 0.25ppm, nitrites 0 and nitrates <5ppm, I added a few fish from the fry pen.
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    What Did You do With Your Tank Today?

    RIP Phoenix... Today I was planning on doing a 50% pwc on the 10G, but it turned into a 90%. I was pumping water into 10G from a 5G bucket. Turned the pump off to help bring in groceries. Yup, you guessed it, the flow reverse and siphoned water from the 10G... After cleaning up... Filled the...
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    What Did You do With Your Tank Today?

    Autumnsky, yeah one would think they would pack them better... The ammonia in 10G tank has been decreasing and nitrates have been increasing, while nitrites have remained zero. Today there are nitrites, roughly 0.25ppm, maybe a tad more... Ammonia has been decreasing about 1ppm daily... So...
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    Harlequin rasboras hide?

    Wow! Very nice! Were you planning on adding some sort of amphibian to the community?
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    What Did You do With Your Tank Today?

    Back on track with pwc. Performed 50% pwc on 125G tank. Eventually I'll need to trim back the plants. The java fern has many offshoots... The taller plants need a serious trim. Spiked the 10G to 4ppm ammonia yesterday. Its dipped to 3ppm this morning. Nitrites are zero and nitrates 5ppm...
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    What Did You do With Your Tank Today?

    The ammonia in the 10G dipped to .25 - .50 ppm. Nitrites are zero, but nitrates are up to 10ppm. Spiked ammonia back up 1ppm. I'll check it again in the morning.
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    A warm planted hello!

    Welcome aboard. I don't anything about Bettas, but it sounds you are the right stuff... Keep up the great work..
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