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  1. warped1

    one more from the kid

    Out of the mouth of babes comes wisdom in complexity. I'm truly sorry to bother you with this but I have another question from the kid. I am letting him do the readings for our tank while it is cycling. We use the API freshwater kit and in our excitement threw the instruction booklet away. We...
  2. warped1

    Total Newbie Question

    No problem - we aim to please. The folks here helped me out immeasurably (I know I drove them nuts with my questions) and if I can help someone else it is only because I've learned through them and want to pass the knowledge on. Keep reading and asking questions. As the old saying goes...
  3. warped1

    Hello Fish Friends

    Hello and Welcome - beautiful fish - I enjoyed the pictures :)
  4. warped1

    newbie to reefing

    Yow - that was a learning experience. Well I am happy you are here - the people on this site are great for helping out Welcome :)
  5. warped1

    Cycling With Fish...Stagnation

    Hang in there. Cycling a tank really tests a persons ability to be patient. Follow the advice the other have given you. Keep up with the water changes and remember what SpeedEuphoria said about his cycle - it may take a while. And I don't think your cycle stalled or stagnated for the simple fact...
  6. warped1

    My python came and my fish are gone, please help

    wow - I'm very sorry to hear of your loss. And as the others have shared don't give up. Fishyfanatic asked a good question. How much time lapsed between the cleaning and the deaths? This may shed some light as to what went wrong. My heart goes out to your daughter but when you get new fish I'm...
  7. warped1

    Total Newbie Question

    You have to love those feeder fish. They are practically indestructible - except to the fish that is going to eat them. The first thing I would recommend is making sure you understand how to set up and cycle a tank in preparation for the feeders. There are many useful articles on this site...
  8. warped1

    Just a 'woohoo'

    Well don't keep me in suspense ---- How were the readings? Happy Fourth of July :usa
  9. warped1

    Mineral Deposit Removal

    Thank you very much --- I said it before and I say it again I LEARN SO MUCH ON THIS SITE !
  10. warped1


    Another Salty - and with experience - you are going to hit it off great with the others addicted to Saltwater - I prefer the freshwater but at times am tempted to give salt a try. Welcome to the best site for fun - fish and fellowship :D
  11. warped1

    Pepper the dragon slayer.

    Pepper the Dragon slayer or Bird Brain Dragon - either or, it is a beautiful bird :scrambleup:
  12. warped1

    Some Pics of my Fish

    Totally Stunning and Awesome - the very best to you and the fish
  13. warped1

    New LPS

    One day I'm gonna get up enough guts to attempt a reef tank. With pictures like this - so beautiful - it is really tempting. But first things first let me get my freshwater up and running Once again beautiful coral :thumb:
  14. warped1

    Just a 'woohoo'

    Sounds right to me - that's the way I read it also Congratulations :thumb: And I'm green with envy - mine is still going through the motions
  15. warped1

    need i.d.

    EEEWWW ! Gross ! - What kind of manners is that for a fish to have :D
  16. warped1

    feeding fish vegetables

    I'm a little confused. I have seen threads before on this site about people feeding veggies to fish. Is this something you do for variety or do certain fish need to be fed veggies? I always thought you buy a can of Tetra-Min and that's all I'll need. If a fishes diet is more complex than this...
  17. warped1

    Question from the Kid

    I have a question from my son. While we were on a trip to the lfs to eye up perspective family members once the tank is cycled he came to me with a box of Freshwater Aquarium salt. I agreed with him that it is a contradiction of terms but informed him that it is used to treat some fish diseases...
  18. warped1

    Camera box

    What a great Idea -- My son will be taking a photography course when school starts again (It has already cost me $550.00 for a digital camera called a Rebel :bad-words:) I think I will put him to work on this idea - Thanks :)
  19. warped1

    Mineral Deposit Removal

    Agreed - white vinegar (room temperature or warmed by the sun seems to work faster - IMO - for some reason) use a couple of soft sponges and you're good to go :bowl:
  20. warped1

    new aquarium cycle product - like biospira?

    Nope - never heard of it - but I'm not surprised - it seems every company that makes aquarium products offers their attempts at bagging the good bacteria. What works and what does not seems to be a matter of debate. I can tell you that many members will steer you to Bio-Spira because they have...
  21. warped1

    Just Est. my first freshwater tank! YAY!

    Now that was some thread for a welcome! Whew! -- I feel kind of insignificant to it by just wishing a welcome and a hello ..... So I'll do it in style WELCOME !!! :scrambleup:
  22. warped1


    No such luck - if he meant that it was me who was going to come along to help - I'm a freshwater type a guy and on some days just a fresh guy. But I did want to give you a big hello and welcome to the best site around to get your questions answered. You may want to post this question in the...
  23. warped1

    Just a 'woohoo'

    I don't know meegosh - the label that was stapled to the wood said Malaysian - but who knows. I don't know what grapevine driftwood looks like but if it looks like real grape vines, I would have to say no. This is just a big hunk of wood, no twist and turns like a grapevine I gonna let ride out...
  24. warped1


    Welcome - and it sounds like you will bring some good advice to this site. :)
  25. warped1

    Grooowl! SSSuupp?

    Hello and Welcome - and I would love to see some pictures of the tank also. Enjoy the forum :D
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