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    RIP Oscar Myer

    Thanks Andy That is a good idea doing one side at a time. I will leave both sides on until I get water flowing just let the lid sit on the hose and take it off when I get back from the sink. Any way new Oscar will be here at 18:00 when my son gets home. This one is a little larger hope him and...
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    Help! New tank/missing fish

    I just love when someone ask for help but doesn't follow up or did this get moved?
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    RIP Oscar Myer

    While doing my water ghange Oscar hides in a hollow log. When going to turn on the water for the python to start the vacuum he must have jumped ship.After filling the tank I started looking for him by this time he had flopped under the stand and was dead.When the covers are on there are no holes...
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    What's the best way to put fish to sleep, that are dying?

    That is the idea not to suffer. I live on a farm when my dogs time has comeI take them to the vet if he says its time I get him to give them a pain shot and bring them home I'm not going to get someone else to do it.
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    What's the best way to put fish to sleep, that are dying?

    Sledge hammer or Shotgun up close both in the head. Don't half a** do it with the hammer. Nature gets the remains.
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    AquaClear 70 Power Filter

    Would like all thoughts good and bad on this hob. I have had it with my Tidal 75. This will just be a backup for my 407. Mostly just course sponge and floss to polish no bio. I have read that if you keep your water level up it will self prime. Can anyone confirm? What about bypass nothing can be...
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    Fluval 407 and pot scrubbers

    I did see that write up the one you wrote me about before led to the other part. At my level you read all you can just have to read between the lines. A lot of quackery and snake oil out there. Putting the scrubbers in Sat I'll give them a good wash in a bucket of tank water. I can't wait to see...
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    Fluval 407 and pot scrubbers

    OK I'm ready to start the change on my 407. I bought 20 scrubbers this should be enough for one tray and let me know how many more I need. But after reading that article (thank you) I think I will end up using all four trays and stay with the two large stock prefilter. I will change them one at...
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    Power Outage

    OK Thanks I'm goin to drag out the old watt meter for a test of my two filters and size a UPS to run them and the air pump for 4 hours. Putting in Fathers day order early it is time he spends some money on me.:grin: Pay back for those four years of agitation I mean education and 3 mustangs. When...
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    Power Outage

    When you say clean the filters how clean do you mean? Just rinse everything good or kill everything and start over? On the canister could I put the output in a bucket and flush it with tank water. Or flush it with treated tap water. Does it need to come apart say if I just cleaned it before the...
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    Pleco food

    Mine loves fluval Bug Bites even the med. to lg. are on the small side. Also fresh vegies raw or boiled shrimp. I just got this neat little tool to cut down on waste it makes it easy to remove the uneaten food in 24 hours so as not to pollute the water. There is a short video on how to use it...
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    High Phosphate

    "I have elevated phosphate levels". I take it this means high? " I’m using api tester and the lowest detectable amount above zero is .25." If so why does it matter how low the test kit will read? I don't know how this works never tested for phosphate.
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    Thanks Andy and Aiken

    After doing things wrong at first I read everything I could find from both of you and I am so glad I did. Both my fish ( Oscar and Pleco) are doing great doubled in size in the last 4 to 5 weeks. I used Doc Tims at first with the BB in a bottle crap. Then went to fish food and raw shrimp then...
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    Power Outage

    That is nice to know about the filters so far I've been lucky my power just blinks off long enough to have to reset all the clocks.:banghead: But now I will watch out for long term power outages. How long would you say to be safe before dragging out the generator? After 2 or 3 hours the wife...
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    Power Outage
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    Can I buy a big pleco for my new 40 gallon long with guppies?

    I wish I had known this when I got mine. Now I like him and don't really want to get rid of him but at least he is in a 75g Above all do what is right for the fish.
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    Fluval 407 and pot scrubbers

    I'm thinking of converting my 407 from matrix to scrubbers. Does anyone know how many scrubbers will fit in a tray? Here is plan (A) leave the bottom tray full of the stock black course sponge then slowly one at a time change the other three trays over. I'm thinking one tray per month. Then it...
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    Help!!!! Sick Angelfish

    @ Andy ( No need to cycle it as the medications needed will have a water change schedule so nothing toxic should come from this. ) I didn't think about this I've been keeping a bag of bio-rings in my HOB just for this reason it keeps me from taking it out of my canister. never thought about the...
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    Cycling nano reef

    Andy how soon after a WC should you check the nitrates? Do you go by water turn over time? My water with two filters turns over about 4 to 5 times per hour.
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    Newbie - Hazed appearance to used aquarium

    I've used this with good luck. let it soak for 30 min. Get a razor blade and have fun.
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    Fluval FX2 connections leaking

    Until you fix this see if you have room to sit the filter in a plastic tray or tote. Depending on where the leak is you may need a mirror to see the back side. If it were me I would take it out hook it up outside put the intake and output in a bucket of treated water where you can see what is...
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    I will be new to aquascaping. I am afraid that I will make a mistake.

    This is like never riding a motorcycle but buying the fastest one made on the planet for your first bike. Aiken is correct learn to walk before you try to run a marathon.
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    Anyone know this L number

    It looks like the L001 and the L022 are one in the same. Why have two numbers for the same fish? Or am I missing something? Maybe they are first cousins.
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    Fluval FX2 connections leaking

    "my son and he connected the two canister filters under the tank and filled it up. They are now leaking from 2 of the hoses!" Look close is the water leaking below the hose clamp or above it where the black hose meets the grey rubber? So you have two filters are the two hoses on the same...
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    Who blinks first?

    Was cleaning the water it is not usually that dirty. It made him mad so he changed color. He can make all the red go away.
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