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  1. AzFishRescue-PPP

    Little Back Story on Az Fish Rescue Pendley's Plentiful Pets

    When I was a lil fry, I grew up with my parents having fish tanks but never really had my own and always wanted one like the giant 175 gallon tank my dad built. Once I finally got my own house about... ten years ago?? I started this hobby with a 10 gallon tank, put all different kinds of fish...
  2. AzFishRescue-PPP

    Monster Tank Build #1

    Hello!! Matt with Arizona Fish Rescue Pendley's Plentiful Pets!!! I'm currently in the process of rebuilding my monsters tank. I previously owned a 1000g above ground pool and sadly over time it failed and caused a huge loss of monsters previously rescued the last 5 years.....I have been on the...
  3. AzFishRescue-PPP

    Arizona Fish Rescue Fish Room

    YOUR SO SO RIGHT!!! I get calls like this weekly! this is why I set up the fish room!!
  4. AzFishRescue-PPP

    Arizona Fish Rescue Fish Room

    Hi all!! Here's a few photos of the fish room!! It has 30+ tanks housing a huge assortment of fish that have all been rescued!! What do I mean by rescue?? Its when people don't want their fish anymore but don't know what to do with them :( That's where we (myself and friends/volunteers) come...
  5. AzFishRescue-PPP

    Arizona Fish Rescue in Kingman, Az

    expect to see posts soon!! we are also on the social medias if you look up the same name :0
  6. AzFishRescue-PPP

    New Here

    Welcome!!! be prepared for alot of guppies if you get male and female!!
  7. AzFishRescue-PPP

    Any idea what kind of snails hitchhiked into my tank?

    looks like a ram snail. once you get these guys they're almost impossible to get rid of....
  8. AzFishRescue-PPP

    Painting your tank!

    painted my kids tank 3 years ago. pink with pokadots and she's loved in since. no fishues
  9. AzFishRescue-PPP

    Arizona Fish Rescue in Kingman, Az

    I live in Kingman, AZ. I own 40+ fish tanks from 1 gallon to 1000 gallon pool of monsters. I travel to Vegas, Phoenix and all the surrounding area rescuing fish and cleaning fish tanks. My goal is to help any and everyone to learn the best and easiest possible ways to help their fish live the...
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