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  1. Flake

    Macna 2011

    it was in atlanta in 2008
  2. Flake

    Coral need to quarantine???

    Because all corals from the store are aquacultured :whistle:
  3. Flake

    Carey's Bio Cube Build

    Oh wow. Why was that Guy being sooooo mean?? I mean, mandarins are hard but if you're willing to pay the price for pods just in case, I mean, it shouldn't be a huge issue right?
  4. Flake


    My tanks used to be so pretty stupid moving and school. :( it'll get there again, I'm sure of it! Thanks guys! I love Billy and Mandy too!!!
  5. Flake

    My new beast

    I looooove that cabinet! I want a big tank again now. :(
  6. Flake

    would greatly appreciate help with my 10g

    If the tank isn't salted, you'll just kill the live rock. Sw and fw have different kinds of bacteria
  7. Flake


    OMG I cannot believe I'm posting this! Its such a mess. Its an old tank too so its covered with algae. It'll get better though. Its just gross from cycling!
  8. Flake


    Hi Guys! My name is Jess and I just joined this site! I'm 21 and going to college for history. One of the things I love are my fish! I've had reefs since I left home three years ago. I'm trying hard to be a good reef keeper, I read a lot and have had quite a few tanks in such a short time. Due...
  9. Flake

    90g High Tech Mixed Reef Build!

    Well. The time has come for Flake to leave AA. After two years of ups and downs, and after two years of trying to see this site become a site for the best advice on the web, I've finally hit a hurdle I can't just hop over. I feel this site no longer has anything left for me. To the person i'm...
  10. Flake

    Hippo Tang Ich Issue

    I wouldn't leave a hippo tang in a 20g for 6 months. I don't think a 20g is appropriate for them at any point in their life.
  11. Flake

    Hippo Tang Ich Issue

    I think the only thing you could buy at the store to stop your fish from getting ich is a bigger tank. Know that's not what you wanna hear but it's true.
  12. Flake

    Carey's LAST Build- 125g Reef

    parasites die without anything to host. dosing your display is an easy way to nuke a tank. if need be, remove fish and treat THEM.
  13. Flake

    Carey's LAST Build- 125g Reef

    please do not treat your display with copper.
  14. Flake

    General fish feeding guideline help

    generally I feed once every other day. with special needs fish, i've fed several times a day trying to figure out what they wanted to eat and then returned to every other day once good eating habits were established.
  15. Flake

    Brown algae

    Otos are a freshwater fish. The diatoms will eventually burn themselves out but petty much any snail will take care of them.
  16. Flake

    Help with Molly/Nem

    My acclimated mollies were...not bright. I wouldn't have too much faith on it having the instinct to avoid a nem.
  17. Flake

    Custom Built 300 Gallon Aquarium

    Sadly with Living Color, 65k may be a possibility. their artificial corals are WAY overpriced. as are their acrylic tanks. They seem to pray on the rich for "classy" home tanks. 944$ for a 3 foot hunk of rock with a few fake corals on it. Yowza.
  18. Flake

    Carey's LAST Build- 125g Reef

    Velvet was the first thing I thought of when you said skin peeling. Its possible the anthias could have stopped eating, I've seen those squarebacks refuse food. Just keep an eye out. If it is velvet, its a parasite and could very easily be floating around that tank, if anyone looks slightly...
  19. Flake

    Carey's LAST Build- 125g Reef

    It's another parasite, so it's similar but there are some less obvious symptoms as well. Marine Velvet/Amyloodinium ocellatum: A Discussion of this Disease and its Available Treatment Options -
  20. Flake

    My 36g Bow Front

    a 55g upgrade is no where near enough for those fish either. it's not that they don't appear happy and healthy, i've just seen too many "happy and healthy" fish keel over in small tanks. You also have to remember we get a lot of people that put fish in small tanks not REALIZING they get bigger...
  21. Flake

    Carey's LAST Build- 125g Reef

    It is possible that if that tang actually had velvet that it's in your display. But since the fish doesn't APPEAR banged up, not sure what to tell you. :(
  22. Flake

    Frogspawn variant or other type of Euphyllia?

    I have to agree with this. I've owned a hybrid or two. sold as a torch but it looked like a hammer. wah wah wah. There's plenty of variation to be had among the euphyllias, I don't think it's possible to just narrow every one down into "frogspawn, torch and hammer".
  23. Flake


    they're good Amphipods by Ronald L. Shimek, Ph.D. - Bitty Bugs: Copepods in the Reef Aquarium by Ronald L. Shimek, Ph.D. -
  24. Flake


    The (almost) Complete Guide and FAQ to Fishless Cycling
  25. Flake

    Smitty's 90g Build!

    Lookin' good! :thumb:
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