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    Cardinal Tetra Unusual Parasite Help ID!

    Thanks for the reply! The fish is doing okay today so I'm hoping he makes it. I'll look into your suggestions! Definitely possible!
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    Cardinal Tetra Unusual Parasite Help ID!

    Hi, In my planted 50 gallon, one in a school of 8 cardinal tetras developed a rather unusual white spot his side that had several protruding hairs that could be seen to drift along as he swam. He began swimming listlessly and often tipping nose down and just catching on the plants and resting...
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    Popeye in Gourami not healing

    Hi, In my 50 gallon, I had an outbreak of ich which I treated with a mixture of Ich Guard (tetra brand). That seemed to clear up the ich. It looks like an ich spot on the eye itself caused the Popeye. The Popeye is not recovering, the white spot has gotten bigger and is protruding from the eye...
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    New Member!

    Hi Everyone, I currently have a 50 gallon freshwater tropical aquarium, a 10 gallon freshwater and a 2000 gallon garden pond. Focusing on freshwater now, I had a 90 gallon saltwater reef for 10 years. I have kept aquariums since I was a child and have always enjoyed watching and caring for my...
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