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    metal halide vs led

    I have had T-5's for years and just switched to LED's a couple weeks ago..I love them. I got these 3pc 16" Full Spectrum Dimmable 120W LED Aquarium Light Marine Reef Coral Fish | eBay
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    280 FOWLR ,turning reef

    Got my LED panels yesterday and put em on this morning .. They are above and beyond what i expected !Super bright ,crazy bright !Only have em on 10-15% or so . The look of the tank now is so much different than that of T-5's and for the better .. I love the ripples and just the whole over all...
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    280 FOWLR ,turning reef

    Well,i tried to bump my old thread but it is 526 days old say i can't :lol: Some may remember me and my build ,,,well its gone through A LOT of changes ,most not planned and bad..This winter has been terrible for the northeast and power outages for days on end,,usually no power and fish tanks...
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    LED lights

    OK thanks Carey ,,i think i will personally enjoy the purplish hue ..I'm hoping anyway ,,too late now :lol:
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    LED lights

    Thanks for your help :thumb:
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    LED lights

    Guess i'll find out in a few days ,,i went ahead and got these .
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    LED lights

    So should we get blue/white or pay a little more and get full spectrum ones
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    LED lights

    They are really that much brighter/intense than T-5's? Plus,they say dimmable :cool: so they should be
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    LED lights

    LOL ,didn't pay any attention to the post date .. I'm just keeping some shrooms ,leathers ,zoa and button polyps ATM..Tired of replacing T-5 bulbs and the heat output from them.. Guess what i meant by all in is simply wanting to ditch the T-5's and only have LED's,and the price seems right on these
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    LED lights

    Did you end up getting them ? I'm going all in on LED's and these look pretty good
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    Current USA Orbit Marine LEDs

    Been away from the forum for awhile . Was wondering if anyone has these LEDs and how they may work for softies .. Thanks Current USA Orbit Marine LED Saltwater Reef Lighting System: Aquarium LED Light Fixtures
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    Porc Chop's Tank

    not really..Always use fresh stuff Not frozen,(but you can then freeze it )and just rinse it off and put it in the same way you do the sheets..My purple and naso loves it .. the angel picks at it too..I have fed spinach for years ,,when i had a chocolate he gobbled it up too
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    Porc Chop's Tank

    Awesome Mike ! Needed to catch up the white cheek ! His color looks good now,i think he'll be OK...Have you tried spinach yet ?.
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    Show fish??

    Personally i wouldn't do 2
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    My tank!!!

    Tank looks good .. You could easily keep mushrooms and rics under those lights , ,probably zoas and duncans and some colt coral and leathers but an angel will pick those to death ,,i know this from experience...My angels never touched my shrooms or rics though
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    Show fish??

    A rusty,multicolor or lemon peel are all good dwarfs IMO... All angels can be a bit on the aggressive side ...i would add it last
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    yellow tang white spot and dry skin

    Looks like lymphocyctis to me..Often called cauliflower disease ...May also be showing the start of HLLE,,the second pic looks like the nose/snout area is very pale.. I would do as melosu says and maybe add some vita-chem into the diet
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    Lost Emperor Angel to!!!

    +1 tonedogz,, There are only 2 tried and true ways to really "kill" ich.. hypo and copper.. Hypo must be 1.009-1.008 to work,and must be kept there the whole treatment.
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    Wanting to start a mini predator tank!

    Welcome to the forum Unfortunately a 55 won't be good to house a trigger.. You could look into a lionfish or a real nice angler set up...Not too many predator type fish for a 55..if any at all..I guess a hawk fish and there are some puffers that stay under 5-6 inches..
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    What to use to keep water clean other than protein skimmer??

    Build an algae scrubber..Its all i have on my system and i never used a skimmer..
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    Niger Trigger

    depends on what you consider a "reef" They won't eat corals but will eat most if not all inverts/CUC's...Even though many have had good success with the niger and inverts, its still a trigger so its a risk..
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    Lemon peel angel

    These fish are all housed in your 75 along with the yellow tang and dwarf angels? Don't want to sound rude but this is not an ideal set up for any of those fish
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    Kio 3.0

    Oh wow,,good luck kio,,hope it stays away from you and they get it under control
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    Lemon peel angel

    Not sure where you heard that from,,tangs are quite aggressive ...especially in a 75 gallon,,your going to end up having a lot of aggression issues with the 2 angels as well
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    best tank ever!!

    thats the wrought iron...about 1200,,the conspicuous is 2800 guys probably got over 10 grand swimming around in that tank:D He doesn't have a peppermint angel though :lol:
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