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  1. J

    What should I add to my tank alongside my current neon tetras?

    In my well cycled 10 gal tank i have ...... * 5 Harlequin Rasboras, * 12 Neon Tetras * several Cherry Shrimp. I change 2 gal weekly
  2. J

    Best methods for cleaning filters

    FWIW...... I have a "hang on back" filter. I also have a pre filter in this filter's input When changing filters, I never change both on the same day I also have an air stone for more surface agitation. :)
  3. J


    Yes, a good new heater is cheap compered to the fish you might loose due to a cheap heater. :)
  4. J

    How much should I ask for these plants?

    It is difficult to say. It has often been said that a great deal is when the buyer and seller are both happy with the price. :)
  5. J

    Need Advice on what fish to add to aquarium

    FWIW.... In my 10 gal tank I have.... * 12 neon Tetras * 5 Harlequin Rasboras * 5 Panda Cory cat fish * Several Cherry shrimp It is very peaceful community tank BTW Platys tend to be "dirty" fish compared to what I posted.
  6. J

    Green Bugs on Frogbit!

    Normal under what circumstance ? Alligators and spiders are a "normal" part of earth's life forms. That does not mean you want them in your house etc. :)
  7. J

    Green Bugs on Frogbit!

    Consider this, since when are insects part of any plant ?
  8. J

    Green Bugs on Frogbit!

    No, it is not normal. Remove them.
  9. J

    Cloudy water after cleaning!

    You can try an aquarium water clairifier The problem is what makes water cloudy are often particles that are too small for your filter to filter out. A water clairifier will clump these tiny particles to big enough particles for your filter to eliminate them . So, initially they will...
  10. J

    Automatic feeding

    Fish like many other animals are "opportunist" feeders... meaning that they will gorge themselves on food whenever food is available as food is not always available on a daily basis in the wild. Most all fish would be fine for only threw days without food..
  11. J

    Help I can not figure this out, about tanks

    What fish etc do you have is each tank ? Any aquarium must be a good mini ecological sys for your fish life and this should include some real plants. :) BTW, do not confuse Nitrite with Nitrate A proper tank will always have some Nitrate Nitrate is not nearly as toxic to fish as Nitrite...
  12. J

    The guy at the pet store said my tank was over crowded

    What do you have in your tank...what fish, etc? What size is your tank
  13. J

    Nitrates for 3 of my tanks. Ta-da

    Again, you only wish to deal with semantics. :) BTW.... Definition of an argument......... a reason for or against something. b. : a discussion in which arguments are presented : debate. 2. : an angry disagreement : quarrel.
  14. J

    Nitrates for 3 of my tanks. Ta-da

    We are now just "arguing' semantics. :)
  15. J

    Nitrates for 3 of my tanks. Ta-da

    Like I said, how high it too high can not be agreed on and it has just been shown to be true in this thread.:)
  16. J

    Nitrates for 3 of my tanks. Ta-da

    That is something that can not be agreed on. Some say they run high nitrates with no bad effects.
  17. J

    Nitrates for 3 of my tanks. Ta-da

    In a cycled tank it is normal to have some nitrates. Nitrates are not toxic to fish unless it is in very high amounts. it is important not to confuse Nitrate with Nitrite Nitrite is what you want to get rid of.
  18. J

    What Did You do With Your Tank Today?

    I thinned out my floating "Frogbit " plants a bit so my routed plants get more direct light
  19. J

    Anchoring upside down roots

    Agreed... I have a piece of wood vaguely similar to that in my tank I would add that any wood put in a tank must be first boiled to remove anything detrimental to fish. This includes any "tannins that can make water brown. Boiling it will will also allow wood to sink once put in a tank...
  20. J

    frogbit vs duckweed

    I have Frogbit in my tank and it grows great In fact, occasionally I have to remove some of it so some of the tank's top direct light gets to the other plants. :)
  21. J

    Need something to slow the filter flow?

    I agree with what Andy said. :)
  22. J

    New tank set up what do you think

    IMO you need a black background also. One easy way to get that is toget a piece if corrugated cardboard the size of the back of the tank and cover that with a winkled black garbage bag Attach that to the back of the tank with a few small pieces of double faced tape. :)
  23. J

    Filter change question

    BTW I never clean the filter housing with the good bacteria in it. :)
  24. J

    Filter change question

    I have a Seachem HOB filter on my 10 gal tank I change the filter cartridge when I have to.... when very little water will go through it. If no / adequate water no longer goes through it, but goes through a filter by pass, what is the point of not changing it? I also have pre filer on...
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