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  1. Colt17

    Starting Cycle in Saltwater

    Thanks guys, I'll trust the experience here and roll with the shrimp.
  2. Colt17

    Starting Cycle in Saltwater

    Thanks for the input! I just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something. I would think the caution with pure ammonia would be not to dose too much.
  3. Colt17

    Starting Cycle in Saltwater

    I am in the process of starting up a 15 gallon reef setup and had a question about getting the cycle started. I have dry rock (marco rocks) and plan on seeding with some live rock rubble. I was concerned, as the rubble is cured, that the rubble would not have enough die off to provide an...
  4. Colt17

    new pleco

    Very cool zebra! They are a carnivore, right? What are you feeding?
  5. False Julli Cory Cat

    False Julli Cory Cat

  6. Silver Angel

    Silver Angel

  7. Fish


  8. Colt17

    brutal Apista infection

    Got thongs too? Ooooh. Sexy! :) HAHA too funny! Maybe if he had pics of the thongs it would sell!
  9. Colt17

    Koralia nano problems

    Maybe the wire got pinched in your move and is causing a short. I would just replace the nano, has them for about $21.
  10. Colt17

    Nov FW photo contest submissions

    False Julli Cory Cat coming out of his cave.
  11. Colt17

    Plants galore free + shipping

    Here is a quick FTS with the new plants. Sorry, I took it in the middle of some maintenance so a little dirty, but wanted to get a shot before the lights went out.
  12. Colt17

    got the fright of my life today

    Wow, glad to hear no one was hurt. I'm sure you will be a little timid towards any tank from now on. I guess you can look at it like what are the odds of that happening twice to the same person.
  13. Colt17

    Plants galore free + shipping

    Kai, just received the plant package and everything is in excellent shape. I have them in the tank now and will be arraging them tonight. Thanks again for the fine specimens and extras too! Colt
  14. Colt17

    Plants galore free + shipping

    PM sent on guppy grass and 1 bunch of polysperma.
  15. Colt17

    Plants galore free + shipping

    Thanks WD, I appreciate it. I am about 1.5 wpg. No biggie if you can't get any together. Good luck with the new additions!
  16. Colt17

    Plants galore free + shipping

    Do you have any Hygrophila polysperma and guppy grass remaining? Shipping would be to 75002. Thanks!
  17. Colt17

    fort worth,tx fish stores?

    Have you tried Mid-Cities Aquairums in Euless? 1301 W. Glade Rd. #188 Euless, TX 76039 I'm North of Dallas so I don't know too much about the West side stores. Otherwise, check out and look at their sponser section, pretty much lists every...
  18. Colt17

    Shane's 20 gallon Nano

    Your tank looks great! I am planning a similar setup with a 15 gallon. Quick question, are you happy with the flow of the K-nano's?
  19. Colt17

    About to give up

    My cycle did the same thing and took 8 weeks to complete. My nitrites spiked at around 5 ppm for a couple days and then dropped to 1ppm for a week and down to .5 and .25 for another week or so. Check your pH and see if it has dropped since the start of your cycle. My water has a low Kh and my...
  20. IMG 2822

    IMG 2822

  21. First Inhabitants - Well besides the snails

    First Inhabitants - Well besides the snails

    False Julii Cory Cats
  22. Colt17

    Lighting for Nano Reef

    I am in the process of gathering information for a nano reef tank. The tank I have in mind is 12 gallons and the dimensions are 15"l x 15"w x 13"h. That makes lighting choices limited unless I want to go with CF, which I don't. I am considering the 18" Nova Extreme T5HO 2 x 18w. I figured I...
  23. Colt17

    Quiston About Getting Started.

    Cody, I believe some sound a little discouraging because we have all seen people jump into keeping fish, be it fresh or salty, only to lose interest due to lack of knowledge and therefore it's the fish that suffers. But hey, we all have to start somewhere and everyone here was a beginner at...
  24. Colt17

    Angels in 65 gallon

    What a great idea! Looks fantastic!
  25. Colt17

    Fishless Cycle Complete - Stocking Question

    Nippy ---- Bolivian Rams were definately on my wish list. The only concern I had was if I had cory's and the rams laid eggs, would they bother the cory's? Also, I have not found any at my lfs's, suppose I could order some though.
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