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    Are they platinum dragon koi?

    It is a bit quaint when I search the butterfly koi fish, I can't the one exactly like this one.
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    Are they platinum dragon koi?

    Thank you. So they maybe the young platinum butterfly koi fish? that's cool
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    Are they platinum dragon koi?

    Thank you, but they are not in my tank
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    Are they platinum dragon koi?

    I like these koi fish, they are gentle and shimming, which platinum koi them are? It seems they have the long fin:fish2: The koi is platinum and have the fins that seem longer than the normal one, and the tails are larger than the normal koi fish. But they are not the butterfly koi.
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    Airstone problems

    My tank has the same issue. A valve can help to reduce the water vapor from the air stone, but it's recommend to move the airstone to the corner that keep a distance from the glass. For more infos about the solution, go to the tutorial of beat the condensation, it is a helpful one.
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    As long as it is not re-new the tank, it doesn't need to be recycled, such as adding some rocks or some plants appropriately.
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    Would this work to make a waterfall

    It depends on your air pump's power, when your air pump is power enough, the suction is enough. I've used the waterfall filter to make a surface aerated for the fish tank, and installed the air pump with a big air stone on the bottom.
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    One of my fish doesnt eat

    How about to set a decoration tree trunk for it to have a rest space? like this small fish tree trunk which can help small fish to pressure less, I got it for my guppy and it very happy.
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    One of my fish doesnt eat

    It will heal by itself but the premise is, it's not attacked by others. You can isolate it for days.
  10. I'm the prettiest one

    I'm the prettiest one

  11. I'm not yellow lab I'm a helicopter :)

    I'm not yellow lab I'm a helicopter :)

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    One of my fish doesnt eat

    Try to feed he alone, and don't over feed for other fishes. When he comes out, you can feed 2-3 pieces food for him.
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    New Fish HELP

    It's not the right way to get water from another tank to cycle yours. To remove the uneaten food, you can get a hygger aquarium water changer, which can vacuum siphon the uneaten food without harm to your fish and your hands. After clean the tank you can prepare to cycle it.
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    Can I put ghost shrimps with my betta?

    It depending on your betta, if he like the company, then they will be good friends, if not, you should take out the shrimps.
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    New Fish HELP

    They need used to the new environment, and don't worry when they still healthy. Remember don't over feed, and salvage leftover fish food. Set the right lighting for tetra is important and can help they adapt to new home. They like dark light when rest. I think the article of lighting for fish...
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    Algae help

    Check it if you have too much unwanted nutrient in the water or over feed, and it better to location your tank with direct sunlight, don't forget to set less lighting. If you add some chemical to the fish tank, maybe it is the reason. If the black algae can be wiped off, it means it is algae. If...
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    Must i use air stone for yellow lab?

    My little yellow lab is about 3-4 cm, and yes I begin to cycle the tank now, so you mean, I should get more large tank for them or to separate them for more space...
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    Must i use air stone for yellow lab?

    Mine is baby yellow lab, and I have 4 in 5g tank. So I consider that if the tank is not enough, then 2 inch air stone is necessary?
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    Must i use air stone for yellow lab?

    How about for a 5 gallon fish tank?
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    Custom 4ft tank design (feedback/advice please!)

    I like your design, and it seems too complex for me, after all, I just get water changer to change the water, and some decorations.
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    Must i use air stone for yellow lab?

    Thanks very much
  22. Yellow lab

    Yellow lab

  23. Yellow lab growing

    Yellow lab growing

  24. Yellow lab

    Yellow lab

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