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  1. rupp3322

    CLeaning live rock

    After about a year my live rock is growing tons of algae and other junk. Can I scrub it or what can be done to make it look so gross?
  2. rupp3322

    Placing a bubbletip anemone

    I bought this super cool bubbletip nem today and im not sure where it should be placed. On the sand bed next to a liverock? Or on a liverock with a hole? I have a 125 gallon FOWLR. I have a nem on one end of the tank. I know they should be apart. Tips? :fish2:
  3. rupp3322

    Droopy, shrively starfish

    I bought a starfish at my lfs that has been there for many months, about a week ago. I know they need to be acclimated very slowly, which i did. 2.5 hrs. It never looked great in my tank, which can be normal for a while, but he is now halfway between the sandbed and glass with one arm flopped...
  4. rupp3322

    what lighting is best for me?

    Okay thanks. Are the led strips aquarium safe? Will they last with the salt and everything? Jumper where do you get those zoomed lights?
  5. rupp3322

    what lighting is best for me?

    I have a 125gal fowlr tank. What would be the best and most eonomical lighting for me? I am not doing corals in this aquarium. However I do like the lighting that has the blue option as wel as the bright white light. Comments?
  6. rupp3322

    Smelly water

    My water has a sulfury smell(rotten egg) . What could this indicate?
  7. rupp3322

    New tank

    Okay thanks.
  8. rupp3322

    New tank

    I havent been to the forum since October. Since getting all of your great advice then I have set up a 125 gallon saltwater aquarium. Transfered my sand, liverock, and filters from my previous aquarium to cycle it. I have added a few3 stripe damsels, my clown and anemone, a hawkfish that my son...
  9. rupp3322

    Quarentine tank

    I would put all the fish in the same one. I wouldnt use less than a 20 gal unless you have to. Its just easier to maintain and lastly put some pieces of pvc in there for the livestock to hide in.
  10. rupp3322

    Quarentine tank

    20 gallon long is perfect
  11. rupp3322

    Quarentine tank

    I found out the hard way! Sucked! So just set up a qt right away! Its not as much maintenance as your dt because you should have nothing in it except for what you are qting and a filter, powerhead, and heater. It doesnt get dirty nearly as fast and parameters dont shift as fast as in your dt...
  12. rupp3322


    Because the 20 gal is a hex whichisnt really suitable for a sw qt.
  13. rupp3322

    Do schooling fish really need to be in groups of 6

    If you go with at least 3 schooling fish, itll be all good!
  14. rupp3322

    Fish on order!

    Love the watchmen! Got 1 on my list as well! Soon hopefully!
  15. rupp3322


    Sorry to piggyback on your thread but do you guysknow of a good video to watch on building a simple sump?
  16. rupp3322

    Feeding cleaner shrimp?

    Thats funny! Mine gets pretty wriled up when i feed but i havent seem him track anything down yet! He really goes after my peppermint shrimp too!
  17. rupp3322

    Goby troubles

    It sounds to me as though he means mandarins. They are not easy from what i hear from everyone. I love to look at hem at my lfs, but i am not into having to spend so much time and money on copepods, training to eat and all that. I like simple. Pretty to look at and easy to care for is my game...
  18. rupp3322

    QT tank

    MRC said it right. A 20 is a good size. I use a 29 in my basement, but most importantly put nothing in it but some pvc for the fish to hide in. A filter and heater and thats it. Keep it simple. Itll be easier on you that way also.
  19. rupp3322

    Feeding cleaner shrimp?

    Do i need to feed my cleaner shrimp? How can i be sure hes finding things to eat?
  20. rupp3322

    Need advice about a hexagon. . .

    I would leave the filter and powerhead on 24/7. Lights should be on for about 8-12 hrs imo. Definately need some lights out time. Just like in nature!
  21. rupp3322

    High Nitrites...NEED HELP!!!

    Yes that is too many fish to add too fast. Nitrates are pretty straight forward to combat. You need to do water changes like you are, but also be sure to siphon the substrate and rinse out your filter media in the aquarium water that you remove. This will keep everything under control. Im afraid...
  22. rupp3322

    Red crab disappeared

    Thats exactly what it looks like! I have about a 4 inch sandbed so i may never see him again! Lol. Thanks for the link!
  23. rupp3322

    Need advice about a hexagon. . .

    I believe it should be between 8.0 and 8.4, however your parameters dont have to be perfect all the time. What ive learned and heard from others is that consistency is most important. Its the large fluctuations that are stressful to the fish. Big swings in ph, temp, salinity, etc are hard on...
  24. rupp3322

    Red crab disappeared

    I got this little crab, it's red, about the size of a quarter. I just thought it looked fun at the lfs. So i put it in my tank and it burrowed into the sand and i haven't seen it for 3 days! Is this normal? Will it be okay? At the store the substrate was only a quarter inch so it couldnt disappear.
  25. rupp3322

    Need advice about a hexagon. . .

    Yeah the more live rock the better! If its got algae on it its probably pretty cured. Its good for the tank.
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