September 2015 TOTM: JUNGLEFOWL

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Thank you everyone for your continuous support and voting on my tank.

About me: I started this hobby with a planted tank about 10 years ago, I feel pretty excited to see how my plants grew and to see the fish enjoy living there.

I always got inspired with the pictures of underwater aquascape, When the artists use natural rocks, driftwood combined with plants to create such a beautiful aquascape, and of course Sir Takashi Amano Who is my best inspiration. I have done many aquascapes since then and I know I will never stop as the hobby keeps growing.

Same thing happened when I got my very first cherry shrimps, it’s so peaceful and relaxing to watch the little shrimps swimming around the tank.

I tried to create the best environment and give them the best food. They never stop breeding and live so happy,

As the hobby keeps going, I have more chances to try out more different types of shrimps. From Neocaridina to Caridina. I got hooked with crystal bee shrimp as for there impressive beautiful colors,

These shrimp are sensitive and need a special environment to live in and breed. I hope to expand and help more people get into the hobby (planted tanks, aquascaping and the shrimp hobby).

TOTM Setup:

SIZE: 24x24x12
Date started: 02/2014
Lighting: 4×24 (3×10,000k + 1x pink ) T5HO lighting fixture
Equipment: Atman 3336 canister filter, sponge filter
CO2: Pressured CO2
Sub straight: Aqua soil, power sand, natural sand
Parameters: N/A
Fertilization: PPS Pro
Plants: Bueephalandra, Anubis nana petite, Anubis coffee folia, Dwarf hair grass, Staurogyne repens, Blyxa japonica, Hydrocotyle sp. Japan, Crypt lueens, Ludwigia reds, Pogostemon erectus, Rotala coloratura, Peacock moss.
Inhabitants: Fire Red Shrimp, Super Tiger Shrimp, Amano Shrimp, Endlers, Platys, Nerite snails, Assassin snails, and Otto’s

Thanks again for voting for my tank – Giao

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