55 Gallon Tank Setup

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Jul 11, 2008
Going to be setting up my 55 gallon tank in a month or so, here is what im going to be putting in it as of right now...

55lbs of Live Rock
60-70lbs of Live sand
Eheim 2215 Filter Classic Plus
AquaC Remora Protein Skimmer (for 20-75 Gallon tanks)
(x2) Hydor Koralia #3
Not sure on what kind of lighting but only a 48" dual bulb flourescent 10K and blue actinic
(x2) 250W Heaters

What do you guys think?
Looks good.
What do you plan on putting in the canister?
Do you already have the skimmer?
Not sure about what to put in the canister yet, and no I haven't bought any of the supplies yet besides the 55Gallon tank and stand, I'm new to the Aquarium community, I've been reading up a few books and forums before I start to do anything, everyone says to research before you buy. Any ideas on what I should put in the canister, and should I be using a different skimmer?
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