75 gallon reef build

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Mar 2, 2010
I had a thread on here before that is to old to post in lol. Anyway I'm doing a 75 gallon reef with built in corner overflow and a 20 gallon sump with no chambers containing a heater, filter pump, LR, and a PH. I just got my stand (5 months later). I'm going to sand and paint it in the morning maybe have the tank on it the the end of the day.
will have a skimmer in it at some point, all I want in my display tank is powerheads
lol i have seen protein skimmers on display tanks before
LOL back at cha!
they were HOB skimmers. if you want an IN SUMP skimmer, you'll need partitions. that is, of course, if you want it to function efficiently.
ANYWAY... fish list
don't have the tank for a chambered sump...i realize hang ons aren't as efficient... I also know that skimmers are not absolutely necessary... and I know the local fish store uses HOB skimmers on very successful display tanks that they have. All this combined I think I should be fine. I'd rather not fill my build thread with this so PM me in you have anything more to add to the topic.
Can anyone suggest two more fish for me. Bright colors, I really want something blue like a blue devil damsel
Sleeper banded goby or bullet goby by another name. Maybe a yellow eyed Kole tang instead of the yellow tang.
I know people don't recommend blue damsels but would a yellow tail be better than the solid blue? I have considered the midas... but I fell in love with the yellow tang snorkeling in hawaii
Tank sanded and painted this morning, sump going in tomorrow, and then tank on top. Filling will then begin and I will get some pics.
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