90 gal. with big algae problem on sand, glass and rock

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Aug 30, 2004
quebec canada
i have brown algae on my sand, major problem.I also have this dark purple algae growing on my rock, protien skimmer intake, power-heads, filter intake and on un-scrubable parts of glass in my tank.

Any suggestions of cleaning crew of inverts that would solve my prob
Tell us more about the tank 8)

how long has it been set up
Whats in it for livestock

Brown algea is normal during initial stages of setup.
Purple algea is good, thats coraline and very pleasing to the eye.
If it's dark red or red algea thats cyno, and bad. It's a sign that there is an excess of nutrients in the water (i.e Phosephates and nitrates)
Why does everyone want to get rid of coralline? *could not be more confused*

Scrape it off, send it to me.

That said, for the brown algae, not knowing exactly what it is, I've suggested them before, and I'll loosely do it again, hermit crabs.

I have scarlet reef and these: http://www.liveaquaria.com/product/prod_Display.cfm?pCatId=621&TopCatId=501

I had an underwater barbershop's worth of hair algae, and they mowed through it in no time, then turning to the brown algae on the sand, and clearing it out like there was no tomorrow.

Do be aware that they will not get the stuff on the glass.

I'm not sure what to suggest here, as my turbo snails ate half of it, leaving little trails of non eaten algae, and my abalones didn't move all that much, eventually making their way around the tank, but very slowly.

The snails also flocked to any food I'd put on a feeding clip, devouring it whole, leaving a whole mess of snail poo. Nonetheless, they're quite active, and kind of nifty to watch.
You gots cyano (cyanobacteria).

Ditto what ReefRaff said... also one thing that helps with cyano is to use a phosphate sponge.

cyano can be a pain in the butt. Aquacultured queen conch's will eat it too.. but that's about the only thing that will... yucky stuff 8)
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