Addition of LR to exist 12 gallon Nanocube

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Sep 28, 2004
I finally found a lfs that I really feel comfortable with. While I was there explaining to the vendor that my nanocube has been up and running for 2 weeks now with perc. clownfish on it's 5th day, he explained to me that I should really have some LR in my tank (especially if I wanted some cool inverts later on).

He told me that since it was only 2 weeks running, that adding LR was no problem. I bought a few pieces of LR and ran home. I took out the overpriced fake stuff that the first guy sold me, and placed the LR with a nice little hiding spot for whatever...

I then placed the other decorations around it.

I'm hoping that the addition of the LR and the re-arranging of the environment won't stress out my little clownfish too much.

I understand the benefits of the LR... are there any cons?

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