after cycle conflicting info?

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Dec 5, 2011
Good morning. My new 65 gallon nitrogen cycle is slowly coming to an end as my nitrites are finally decreasing. Now my question is what's next? I'm am reading conflicting directions all over the web as to what to add. Fish or cuc? Or even half a cuc? Now I did a fishless cycle with 3 cocktail shrimp. They are still decomposing in my refugium. So there is still a bio load for bacteria I'm assuming even if I decide to let tank stable for a couple of days after first water change. So again what next? I've been told to add a fish. How about a small pair of clowns? Also I have no algae or Diatoms present so I'm thinking wait on cuc? But have read by many to add them first. Reefcleaners sells a crew for my tank size so if I added first, is it too much of a load? Half a crew? Ughhhh . Too much info. Help.
I added a small CUC, like 2 hermits and a turbo, and 2 clowns after my cycle. Just do a water change to bring the nitrates down to under 10, as close to 0 as possible. And also wait until your nitrite and ammo both are at 0...
I'm sorry but that's what I'm asking. I know I'm waiting for cycle to be complete which happens to be after trites are 0 and a water change. So are you suggesting half a cuc or fish?
Or both? That's not too much for system to catch up? I thought general rule was to add then wait 2-3 weeks to add again?

IMO, if there's nothing for a clean up crew to clean, they border on pointless in the beginning. I'd get a fish, or two, and consider the CUC later.
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