Anybody know what this guy's idea is.. ebay fish trap?!?

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You should see if he will just tell you the plans online and save the shipping. I think shipping is the biggest scam around for most ebay products.

I was reading some of his feedback and found

"I don't know why charge me $4 shipping for a paper "NO Tools only Solution....." ""

Reply by goingg0inggone: $4 Covers Ink Cartridges,Paper,Stamps,Trips to the Post Office and ebay fees,etc

Another good one:

"Good idea, I've seen it many places before. Very fast shipping,s&h way too high

Reply by goingg0inggone: Seen it before my butt..My Idea.. CAN"T afford $4.00 Handling then don't get it!"

By far my favorite feedback:


Reply by goingg0inggone: I felt the same when I bought it before putting it back up for auction.
oh yah.... no kidding! I agree, that is ridiculous. I don't like it when peeps use inflated shipping prices as a method to get extra profit.. but in this particular case it's especially stupid when all it is, is actually just a couple of pages of information. Can you say e-mail?

pppht.... well I am curious as ever to find out what it is.. if it's a bottle trap well then... that would be just criminal LOL
You just gotta love the high quality, labor intensive photo included, to show you what it is.

Just that drawing alone would keep me away and make me wary of his quality.
I know how to get ANY fish out of a tank in less than 30 seconds. All you need is a 5 pound sledge...
What's the inverted soda bottle trap?

Apparently a lot of people like this thing. If anyone here gets it, let me know what it is. :)

Take a 2 littre bottle, cut the top off. Invert the top, and insert it into the bottom. You basically have a funnel into the bottle which the fish cannot escape.
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