Anyone know where to buy ginger filters for Whisper HOBs?

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Sep 29, 2003
I saw some "Ginger" brand disposable filter pads with carbon inside at an LFS, they are an alternative to the "assemble it yourself" bio-bags for the whisper hob power filters: The difference is when you're done with the ginger, you just throw the whole thing away, the "frame" portion of the filter is disposable too, unlike a bio-bag setup which employs that reusable black plastic frame.

AAAaaanyway... they had a huge box of them and I bet they got them cheap as HECK but of course their markup is insane.. so I'm trying to find out where I can buy them in bulk. I use several Whisper 30-60's (yes I have mags and aquaclears and stuff too) but the whisper is so super easy to replace the media I really like 'em.

If anyone knows where I can get a case of these "Ginger" brand pads give me a shout would ya. 8) TIA!
aww, nobody?

Maybe I could slap some together with some duct tape, crunched up charcoal briquettes and cotton balls.


five million kudos to the first AAer to find me the source of these lil cartridges... :D
hmm. the whole makeup of kudos of AA probally is equal to or a ton less than 5 mil :/. better start saving beacause i have a feelin sum1's gonna find em lol
I sure hope someone does! Did I say five million? I meant a couple hundred. LOL
Hey Snap - maybe you can email them for a distributor. They don't seem to have a website or anything...

Ginger Products
(Aquarium Supplies)
Bill Rulason
1011 Matzinger Rd., Toledo, OH

I am totally bored at work today. :roll: Any other research anyone?
Yay, I am emailing them right now!

I could not find that email address anywhere I looked, thank you!

If it's the right one I will be dishing out some kudos and also giving out info on pricing I find for those carts for anyone interested.

Bernie I checked you link but did not see the Whisper 30-40-60 size?

Thanks all - will be getting back 2U
YAYYYY!!!!!! :D :D :D

That was the place!!! Thanks Tigerlily!! Hooray!!

I have a tax ID so I was able to buy from them direct... $97.92 for a case of 144!! (Price goes up this Friday!)

Yippee.. it's easy street for me now. Free shipping too!

Doodle dee doo. I gave you 300 kudos Tigerlily

Thank you Bernie for the link too! You have a store maybe you could check them out for a distributor they were very nice to talk to on the phone.

That's who I use.....Ginger. Have been for years.

I have the Whisper 1,2,3,C sizes, too....but don't put them on-line (just have them here in my reg store).....cause they haven't been a big seller.
We sell quite a few of the cartridges on-line, but I'll be honest that most avid
hobbyists find more economical ways of supplying their own filter media/material;
so that the actual "on-line" demand for "cartridges is really rather minimal, in my

I don't know where you would use that quantity of cartridges yourself?? Or were you figuring that folks would order them from you and that you could "make" anything ($$$) including your cost of shipping/advertising??

Just curious.


P.S. I know that it's not a real big seller for me; a rather limited market.
Hi Bernie, I have bought filter rolls and bulk carbon and all of that lovely stuff plenty of times and still do when the need arises but I run 5 marine tanks and use whisper HOBS and skimmers (and refugiums) on them. I like the whispers for pure convenience. I do not have the time to mess with making my own filter media anymore. Dump and wipe the skimmer cup, R&R the whisper pads and walk away.

So I change 10 filters every 2 weeks = 20+ filters per month. A case of 144 is not going to last for more than 7 months or so. No I am not going to sell them and try to make anything.

OK...Just wanted to advise you of perhaps some pitfalls in the plans.

If you use that many, I'm sure it would make economical sense for you.

Take care and see you around.

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