Aqua C Urchin vs Red Sea Berlin Turbo Classic

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Jun 16, 2004
Any thoughts. I know many seem to prefer the Urchin/Remora, but can anyone weigh in on the Red Sea? How hard are they to set up/ maintain vs the AquaC, etc? Those are the two I'm looking at currently. Oh, and they will be put into use on a 55 or 75 gal aquarium (depends how much money I have left over :lol: )
The Aqua C will beat it hands down. They skim almost the same but the Red sea is notorius for impellars breaking. The Aqua C will also require less cleanings and maintanence than the Red Sea The Remora will outskim it by a tad also. JUst my opinion though!
That's exactly what I am looking for. I want to hear what other people know about these skimmers. Ease of use and maintenance is very important!
I have a Red Sea Berlin classic running with a Mag5 pump. Works ok but I want a Remora Urchin. The Berlin needs adjustment and if overly adjusted, it can drain your sump. I have flooded twice becasue I was not paying attention :(

If you really want one, I sell it pretty cheap so I can get an urchin :)

Honestly though, I have heard nothing but rave reviews for the AquaC and the Berlin is kind of old school.

Thanks for the offer, but I'll pass. Due to the overwhelming popularity of the AquaC line here at AA, I'm placing my order for the Urchin. Thanks for your input! :fadein:
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