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Mar 30, 2006
Chesterfield, VA
My son had taken an interested in our main aquarium so I decided to get one for his room.

We are frequent late night shoppers at Wal-mart and decided their low prices cant be beat. :roll: We picked up a Aqua Culture 10 gallon set up for $30. We pick up some plastic plants and some white gravel (which turned out to be white dust covering some pretty colored rocks), and went home.

Today I break out the box and first thing I notice is how cheap the filter is. Craptacularly made with plastic to match. Oh, and then theres the lack of heater..... and then theres the light. Ugly ugly ugly yellow light. It casts this nasty yellow tint on everything in the tank. I can always buy better bulbs, but I shouldn't have to.

Just offereing up a fair warning of these products.

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