For Sale: Breeding group of Multis pu/ship 32570

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come get me tang police!
Apr 25, 2011
In a swamp near you /Pensacola, FL
Selling my group of multis (shelldwellers). They are adult/young adult size and healthy, there are 6 that I'm getting rid of. These are not juveniles, they are breeders.

They are breeding like rabbits and I want to thin them out since I don't have much tank space available for a large colony.

Take them away for $40 shipped via priority with cold pack. Live arrival guarantee, just send pics of unopened bags of DOAs within 2 hours of delivery, I do not refund shipping cost.

A few mediocre pics




i'll most likely take them if you still have them monday. looking to start my 55g along side my 92g mbuna tank
@ Aquatic- they are lake tanganyika shell dweller (dwarf) cichlids, the males only get up to about 2", females a bit smaller. They live in shells and live a colony life. They rear their fry, I have noticed quite a few fry out and about, but I think I've got too many fish in the tank at the moment.

@ocean - thanks, yeah I think I have a pretty fair price, don't see adult groups come up for sale often either.
I am setting up21 10 gallon tanks and 3 55 gallin tanks. I will have space for some of these guys. Any pairs? The angels rndoing great and the jack dems are gorgeous!
Hopefully u will still have them wen i got my system up and running. If so i will buy otherwise good luck! I will however wil be receiving a free 55 with stand this weekend. Thanks jeta!
haha- I found a great method to safely extract the fish from their shells (they hide in them when you go into the tank) and i'm excited to try it out.

You could keep a colony this size in a 10g or larger, so it doesn't take much of a tank (they are in a 15g now)
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