Bubbles or no bubbles? Too many bubbles?

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Dec 28, 2012
I'm new to fish keeping. Only had my tank set up a week. The filter/pump I have has a setting to take in air to put out bubbles. I thought this would be good for oxygenation of the water. But I seem to have a tank full of micro bubbles. Would this be coming from the stone or from the bubbles the filter is producing?
Any advice is much appreciated.
If your talking about bubbles on the glass inside your tank, it's perfectly normal for new tanks and they will go on there own. If its loads of bubbles in the water making it look cloudy, all you need is a gentle ripple across the water surface unless you have loads of fish.
It's tiny bubbles floating around in the tank. So there's no need to put extra bubbles in via the filter flow as long as the surface is rippling?
Bubbles not required unless you are medicating or like the look of them. A gentle ripple is all you need, you will know if the fish are not getting enough oxygen as they will hang out at the outflow.
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