Can you have to much Live Rock?

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hi i just bough more LR for my 24g Aqua Pod. i have a total of 36lbs in the now. it looks a little to full and i dont know how to stack it to make it look good. is it ok for LR to sit up against the glass?


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Definitely not too full. You'll have to mess around with the rock for a while to get an arrangement that you like. Be patient. You've got some nicely shaped pieces in there, try and think about how a reef looks (or find some pics online for inspiration). Maybe put the branching pieces up towards the top?

I don't see any problem with the LR touching the glass as long as the piece in question is stable and has little or no chance of moving if your critters decide to move the sand around etc. I think pieces near the bottom would be fine.
I need to post some pics of mine. I have about 20 lbs in a 10 gallon tank, and how it is stacked right now looks REALLY awesome, the fish love it, and the tank doesnt look as full anymore. (ok 18 lbs, I removed a small 2lb rock to help seed the new 29 gallon)
cool.. i was so worried. 1 more question how do u clean the glass around the rock? they get a flim or what i call snail poop on them some times and it takes a brush to clean it. do u know any thing that i can out in the tank to clean it?
at this moment i have about 10 snails and a 1/2 dozen red leg hermits. that i put in there last year. is that cool?
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