Chemi Pure - How do you use it?

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Aug 1, 2005
I just got some Chemi-Pure from Boyd Enterprises. I heard this was a great product but I'm not sure how you're supposed to to use it. The directions on the bottle are not very clear.

Where do you place it (in the sump submerged or in the wet/dry trickle area)?

How long do you leave it there?

This is a good product but keep in mind that if you do not find and eliminate the source of your problem it will just keep coming back. Using it spoonful for every 10gals of water. Mix it up in a glass with some water from the aquarium and dump it into the sump. Make sure you turn OFF your skimmer and remove ALL forms of chemical filtration (GAC, etc.) and any filter pads. Wait 48hrs and do a 20% PWC. Repeat if needed.
This is not a cure all. This is a bandaid. Find the problem stop the fuel source. Let us know your water parameters.
Thanks for the replies but I think you both might have mistaken the product in question. This is Chemi-Pure not Chemi-clean. The latter is used to treat Cyano but the product in question is designed to keep water pure (remove pollutants, keep pH, etc). Here's a link to the product:

If anyone has any experience with this and can help with the questions in my original post I would appreciate it.
I don't run my tank with out it it works great you will notice a big difference in a matter of hours . I use mine in a hob filter but if i were you i would put where ever it will get the most flow threw it.
Yes , I was thinking about the other. My fault. I`ve used chemi-pure instead of GAC the few times I needed it. Sorry about the mix-up.

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