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Jul 3, 2024
Marion, indiana
Cascade 500 does not pickup and send water to my boshi chiller. Tried priming it to no avail. What am I doing wrong 🤔 Excuse the mess,hoses will be relocated wanted to check for any leaks first.


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So the set up is that the canister filter input is from syphon action from the aquarium, and then the impeller sends the output to the chiller, and then the chiller return the water to the aquarium? Is that correct?

At what point is this failing? Is the canister not filling? Does it prime and work properly without the chiller connected?

Have you tried good, old fashioned suction on the input line rather than using the primer? Try removing all the filter material from the canister, priming it, then putting all the filter material back.

The canister is sat on a bucket which is reducing the head difference between the aquarium and canister, which will reduce the effectiveness of the syphon action. Try putting the canister on the floor and seeing if that works. There is also a lot of excess pipe length.
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