Christmas list. Is it ok?

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Oct 6, 2011
Iv made a list of the fish I want for Christmas. It consist of a clown goby, green, 2 ocellaris clowns, clown goby black, scooter blenny and a Hawaiian blue puffer. Are they compatible. I have a fuzzy dwarf lion already and a yellow tail damsel. I'm worried about my lion eating them. Are they fine? He's only 3 inches big but he has eating 2 of my damsels that were about an inch big but he doesn't mess with the yellow tail
I have a 30 gallon and a 125 gallon. Currently no fish in the 125. But I want more fish for my 30. It looks so empty
Tfain said:
I have a 30 gallon and a 125 gallon. Currently no fish in the 125. But I want more fish for my 30. It looks so empty

Which fish will be going where?
Well I was kinda wanting to put all of these guys in the 30 gallon. There all pretty small
Okay wait im confused. You want to put a puffer, lion, 3 clownfish (?), a yellow tail and what els in the 30? Sorry but i dont think that would work
The scooter is not a Blenny, it is a Dragonet. You are going to need a large pod population to keep it fed and healthy.
Only 2 clowns and then scratch the scooter. That's 7 fish total and there small. The puffer only gets 2-3 inches and the other ones don't get much bigger than that
Okay but still. Is the puffer agressive? Most are, and 6 fish would stock a 30. When the clowns pair up they will become agressive
Then I'll only get one clown and I just read that they only really mess with clams and snails and I don't have either
I already have him but I'm kinda thinking about getting rid of him
I would keep him youll like him more believe me lol. He'll definitely eat the clown gobys and when he gets older EVERYTHING except the puffer. I would suggest moving him to your 125 with some tangs and other more peaceful bigger fish. They can get 6" so I would put him the 125. GL!!!!! All the others would be fine except the dragonet without the lion.
Ok thanks. I was worried about him eating the gobies. What othe reasonably priced fish do you guys recommend. I got $70 for fish except the puffer
Ok new list. There all for my 125 gallon. Sail fin tang, Klenii butterfly, maroon clown, yellow tang, stars and stripes puffer, and lemon butterfly. What do you guys think
the fuzzy dwarf should not be in there already. The puffer will nip at other tank mates fins, and as stated before this is overstocking the tank. if i were you i would move the lion to the 125 gall & put the puffer in there. additionally, as i am sure you have read any fish the lion can get its mouth around it will eat.

Edit: your update looks nice make sure you dont want reef for the 125 because th butterfly will nip at the corals
Thanks. All these guys are going in the 125. Probably keeping the lion in the 30 gallon but not sure yet. He doesnt mess with my yellow tail damsel and idk why cause he ate my other ones and they were just as big
And do any of these fish jump a lot. I don't have a top for my 125 gallon
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