Double Sponge Filter vs. Single Sponge?

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Dec 27, 2016
I was wondering what experience you guys have single sponge vs. double sponge filters? I'm going to purchase one for my fry/quarantine tank, and couldn't find anything online that explained the difference. I know a double can't use an airstone, but a single can- what does an airstone do for a tank? I've heard it makes it less noisy... but I'm not sure.
Just basic pros and cons would be great.
Well, more surface area with two but as long as you have the flow. With any filter when you increase the media, flow should increase as well.

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With the double you can clean one and not the other and worry less about your tank re-cycling from removing to much beneficial bacteria.
That's very convenient! Thank you for the help, I'm 100% sure I want a double sponge filter now.
If it's for a fry tank I'd definitely use the single. I think that double is designed for use with a powerhead and it would blow your poor fry all over the place! Running a sponge with an airpump, you could vertically stack two sponges if you're set on double ( or even just use two single sponges and run them on one airpump). I think ATI Hydro sells a regular model sponge with a base and a 'stackable' sponge meant to connect right on top of another, and that also gives you the benefit of adding another spot for fry to hide between the two!
The doubles will work with air pump as well as power head. If used for fry tank with air pump would be no more circulation than a single.
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