Ebo-Jager Submersible?

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Dec 6, 2003
I searched the board, thinking it had already come up here, but didn't find any posts.

I have a 50W Ebo-Jager Model TS, and was wondering if it's submersible? It states a minimum water level, but nowhere on the box or packaging it says anything about NOT submerging it under water.
It should be submersible. The minimum water level is a mark to make sure you have the themastat below the water line.
AHA! I thought that was here. And it was you who found it. Sounds a little inconclusive, no?

The company doesn't appear to have a website either, far as I can tell. How weird. OR maybe I'm having a low functioning day...

Thanks Menagerie!
I couldn't find a website and I wasn't about to hunt around all day for a phone number. I do work on occasion :wink:
Pretty much everyone I know submerges their EBOs, and I will continue to. Stupid Canada and their rules :evil:
If you read ads for the EBO's they say that they are submersible and from what I have read on other forums everyone puts them completely under the water as I do mine with no problems.
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