err removeing slime alge off rocks and sand

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Jul 23, 2004
brooklyn ny
i have some brown slime alge that took over the tank over rocks and coverd the sand it comes up all together like a sheet but brakes up as i try to dispose of it now its broken up and resting on the sand is there a way to remove it / clean it up?
You can use a small diameter tubing to suck it out. Just us a PH to start the siphon and suck it out. Pray it does not return.
Agree with Ellis, siphon it out. Also check you PO4, there is a reason that it is thriving and this is usually the culprit.
turn off all powerheads/filters first. cyano is really 'flimsy' stuff, but with no current it won't shred as easily when you pull it up.
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