Fluval 404 users, venturi question.

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Nov 9, 2003
Pattaya, Thailand
I am ordering a fluval 404 and I am wondering if it comes with any sort of venturi valve. If so, where is it placed? Down by the canister?

If there is no venturi valve, has anyone had success using an in-line threaded valve?
Never mind :D

I have decided to go with the Filstar xp2. It has got more consistently positive reviews and definitely does have a venturi valve.
Thanks for the feedback. My xp1 is running on my 50 now to build up a bacterial colony, looks like it will be easy to clean. I would not call it silent, but it is worlds quieter than my millennium 3000. I switched to the xp1 since I dropped to a 30 gallon tank BTW

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