Fowlr sump questions

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Sep 25, 2012
Rhode Island
Hello all. I have been putting together a 135g fowlr tank for awhile now I have built the stand myself and have been taking it very slow to put all the pieces together. I am now concentrating on the sump and have many questions even after reading posts and watching videos from others.
See how petco has the dollar a gallon sale on at the moment I bought a tank to use as my sump. I was going to buy a 55 but realized that I would only have about 10 inches from the top underneath portion of my stand to the top of the tank lip to work with when it comes to cleaning my sump. So I decided to get a 29 instead as I will have more clearance underneath. Do you all think that is to small for a sump for a 135 fowlr?
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