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May 19, 2011
So cal
I've never had get good luck with reef fish, and I think its because my feeding habits weren't correct. What is the proper feeding schedule for most fish? I'm know it depends on what fish and what they eat, but should it be everyday or every other day. Some experienced reefers say every other day and others say every day. For you reefers who have had fish for many years, how often do you feed for general non special eating fish.
Because of my work schedule sometimes I feed twice to three times a day. Sometimes once a day. Sometimes every other day
generally I feed once every other day. with special needs fish, i've fed several times a day trying to figure out what they wanted to eat and then returned to every other day once good eating habits were established.
Two things about feeding. One is that variety is the key. I feed flake, mysis, vitamin fortified brine and dried seaweed. Fish like something different and not the same thing. Two is dont overfeed. You should feed every other day to keep excessive nutrients to a minimum. Hope all goes well.
Every other day sounds good to me, I just wanted to be sure I wasn't risking my fish by doing so.
Same here, sometimes twice a day, sometimes I skip a day.

As stated it can depend a lot on the fish, but it can also depend on the setup. Many fish in the right tank can find a lot of natural food to feed on. Feeding them too much can minimize their benefit to the system (and unnecessarily introduce more nutrients, promoting algae). The most important thing is that they eat well. Second is that they eat the right food. Although variety is a great way to achieve this, IME it is not the only way. The right food can provide all of the nutrients needed in every bite, resulting in even healthier fish.
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