Greetings from New Jersey!

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Feb 1, 2015
new jersey
hello everyone!

glad to have finally joined an aquarium forum after getting into the hobby a few months ago.

i have 2 small tanks:
first one is a planted tank with a half-moon blue betta living with 2 small common guppies. may be planning on putting a horned nerite in there to help clean the bottom/glass of algae and detritus
second tank is planted with 6 cherry shrimp, 2 rili shrimp, and 2 micro crabs which i find really cool to have.

my dream is to one day successfully own a cuttlefish tank

glad to be part of the community! (y)
Hi, welcome to the forum :) would love to see pictures!

55 gallon elephant nose tank.
16 gallon vampire shrimp and snails
Here's my two tanks with various little petco commodities in them. I initially bought them for my very first tank but then ended up taking it apart. Couldn't return them so might as well use them in the latest tanks with my noobish aquascaping attempts :whistle:

My betta's on his throne while two little guppies pick at algae growing on my driftwood.

You can also see shrimp hanging out in many spots on the second cube tank. No crabs to be seen because there's light. I just got them so hopefully they'll become more comfortable to get out and about soon.


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I like them really cool!

55 gallon elephant nose tank.
16 gallon vampire shrimp and snails
Welcome! Awesome tanks!!

? Diana Lee ?
? the St. Augustine Redhead ?

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36g Rescape in Progress!
10g Orchid Endler's N-Class
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