Hair Algae breakout

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Feb 10, 2011
this is one of those moment you ask yourself why me? i have been battleing this for a few weeks now i stepped up pwc to every other day (i do a 10% water change.) I ordered a CUC and cut back dramatically on feedings. So far no results. i guess i have to attribute this to using tap cause i do not have an ro/di unit nor do i have money to get one tis the season to be broke and also in college. if i were to perhaps to do water changes for a few weeks using only distilled water could this help?
I started with tap before I knew the benefits of a ro/di unit. It does make a world of difference. Maybe a christmas wish lol. Emerald crabs do wonders on hair algae. I would say that distilled water or even buying ro water from a LFS or supermarket would be a great idea. The change won't be immediate but you will notice it.
walmart sells ro water at there filling station for .25/gallon
well i originally started out with distilled water. but i tested my own tap and it had no metals no phosphates so i assumed i was good.
+ i dont want emerald crabs around my softies cause you can never be too sure with them
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